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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

Since It's been exactly a month since we last posted, I thought it was now time to update. Things that have been going on with us this past month:

1) Will now has six teeth, which he LOVES to grind. It makes my skin crawl. Yuck.
2) Andy finished this semester with a BANG! He did so well in his classes and we are so proud of him! We've been enjoying lots of time together this winter break!
3) I celebrated my *STAR* birthday. I turned 22 on the 22nd. It was a great day. My super awesome hubby got me a massage and it was amazing!
4) I got a new hobby. Quilting. I am currently making a Christmas quilt for next year!
5) We celebrated our first Christmas as a trio. It was so nice. Some of our highlights:
*Will got lots of goodies from Mom & Dad, Santa, Grandma and Grandpa, and Granny and Gramps, plus some cousins on mommy's side.
*Andy and I bought ourselves tickets to see Michael Buble in concert on the 31st of March. It's going to be part of our anniversary too! We are so excited!
* I combined some Christmas/Birthday money to buy myself some Reebok Easy Tones, for better legs and a better butt :) hahaha But seriously, I did.

We worked Christmas Eve here at the RMH. It was SO crazy. It was such a rewarding experience to see how GIVING others can be. Others generosity brought me to tears multiple times that night. We played Santa for the guests who were not able to go home for Christmas. Waking up early to hand out gifts was hard. Especially when we were up until 130 getting everything together for the big day. I made our stockings, it's something I am going to do for all our children. It's easier then buying a bunch of stockings and it makes them personal to each child. I kept messing them up though. And the fluffy white fabric I bought for the tops sheds like a cat. That is why we were up until 130. I kept having to unpick my seams with my tiny seam picker. Santa knew how much trouble I was having though and gave me a large seam picker in my completed stocking! Yay!

Here are some pitcures of our holiday:

Will opening gifts at his Great-Great Aunt Loralee's house on Christmas Eve. Thanks Avery!

Man, you know it's been a rough day when you crash in the high chair!

"Of course I am scared of Santa! Stranger Danger! AND he sneaks into my house late at night!"

Me and Mom on Christmas morning!

Our Tree on Christmas morning. Look at all that Loot!

Daddy helping me with my gift of goodies from Granny and Gramps!

These are all my toys from Santa! Blocks, cars and lots of snacks!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and remembered our Saviors' birth!

Monday, November 30, 2009


We went from Will having no teeth to having a mouth full. He now has two teeth which have pushed through and two more coming in. Yes, our house has been full of the sound of whining.

We put up our Christmas decorations. It's been so fun! Will went for the tree once, we said "Will, please DO NOT touch the tree" and he hasn't gone to it since. It has only been two days though.

We had an awesome sacrament meeting yesterday. Once a year, our ward does a meeting "testimony style" where you can go up and talk about a particular hymn which has touched your heart, then as a ward, we sing the song. It was so awesome! It was fun, but also very spiritual. We have never done that. We have decided we love being in an older ward with it's quirky traditions!

We went to Hogle Zoo Saturday night to see the lights. I was lots of fun, but super cold. We saw the snow leopard (I am sure they feel right at home this time of year) the tiger and her three cubs, the bears, the red panda. Lots of other animals who are normally hiding out during the day. It was fun.

Friday, Andy and I had a hot date! We went to SamPan for yummy chinese and then to see "Surrogates" it was weird. Not bad, just weird. It was great to be with just Andy! We haven't been on a date with just us in a long, long time. We forgot how much we liked each other :P

Here at the RMH we have a girl who is from South Carolina. She's helpin me keep up with my southern roots and it's refreshing to have "my people" around!! haha

Monday, November 23, 2009

Once you go Black, you never go back!

It should be illegal for an underage boy to look this good.

And make grown women FAINT!

Jacob has always been my favorite Twilight stud muffin. I loved him in the books. (As many of you might have heard me say, Bella is a selfish hussie and Edward is too serious.) Jacob is just a light hearted, lost in love puppy. Pun intended.

New Moon was a great movie. Again, Bella and Edward were incredibly awkward. And Jacob looked amazing, with that big grin and amazing body. (Andy, I still love you more though)

But it's true. I am 110% Wolf Girl.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


We would like to get our family pictures done, ASAP! I would LOVE outdoor pictures, but I know those are a little pricey. Anybody know anyone who does good pictures, at a good price?

HELP! Will is almost a year old and we STILL don't have a family picture! Let me know if you know of anyone!

(oh...and I am so excited for New Moon!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seriously, He's SO cute!

We finally have a tooth! That's right, little man is finally sportin some chompers! It's sad how fast he is growing up.

Here are some pictures to show off his studliness!

Monday, November 2, 2009

9 Months!

Will turned 9 months old on the 25th of October. I just can't believe how much he is growing. He is such a happy baby and is such a little boy. He's also quite the momma's boy, which is fine with me! He loves to cuddle with me and play around with Daddy.

We went to the Doctor this past Wednesday. He weighs 15.13 pounds and is 28 inches long. He is still just LONG and SKINNY, as always. Now it's time to put him in the convertible car seat. He's officially too long for the infant car seat. The doctor says he's developing very well!

He is LOVING our new place and all the room he has to play in. Our new place is set up so nicely that he is able to crawl from one end to the other, and if he falls, no biggy, the carpet is nice and soft! It has been wonderful not having to worry so much about where he goes, or what he is getting his little fingers on. He loves this new found freedom.

We are pretty much all moved in. Just the pantry to finish! (It's HHHHAAAUGE!) I am really loving working with the families here at the RMH. They are so kind. It's sad to think about the struggles they are going through. I admire their strength so much!

I just finised 2 other books. Masquerde and Revelation. Both the next books in the Blue Blood series. Both very good. This is a fun, quick series, to which I have gotten the next book as well, The Van Alen Legacy. I have discovered I read a TON! It's quite fun. I love reading.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look at this cuteness!

If this isn't the CUTEST little boy I have ever seen!
Thanks Matt and Raquel for taking such great care of our little man!
(And, thank heaven for play pens!)

Blue Bloods

I am running my NEW dishwasher for the first time today, it just made this clicking noise that scared the bejeppers outta me! We're pretty much all moved in! There is still a LOT to do, but our new place is so big, it doesn't seem like that much! I just can't get over how much space we have now! I am pretty sure our old place is about a third of this place. We are looking into buying a sectional and selling our couch and futon we inherited when we moved in. So, if you know anyone who wants to get rid of a sectional, let me know! Will is loving all the space to move around in. He always seems to head STRAIGHT for the bathroom though :( GROSS!

I have started making aprons. They are really cute, if I do say so myself. I have created yet ANOTHER blog just for the aprons. Once it is up and running, I'll post the link. I'll be doing a boutique on Nov. 14th. The address will be 996 University Village, SLC. In case you are interested. There will be bows, Sensty, and about 13 other vendors. So, come join us!

I read this book called Blue Bloods. It's about vampires. I have realized vampires have become SO cliche. Someone needs to come up with a new "villan" to turn into a hero. Like....zombies. Or Witches. I donno. It's a pretty good book. Quick read and it will make you think New York socialites are that much more ridiculous.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I have got the...

CUTEST family, EVER!

Me and Will standing in front of The Christus.

Me and Andy eating at Braza Grill! We LOVE Brazilian!

Me and Christina drinking our limeades at Braza!
(I know she's not REALLY family, but she's practically my sister)

The other day, Andy let me sleep in and he took care of Will. It was so nice! I have a great husband! Will just gets cuter and cuter by the day. I honestly have never seen a little boy as cute as him! He makes my heart melt. When I see him and Andy play together, I know that THIS is why Heavenly Father created families. He knew that no matter how hard life can seem to be, if you are doing it right, your family and home become a safe haven. When you are with your family, there is nothing in the world which can make you happier. That is how I feel when I am sitting on the floor, with my husband and my son, just giggling and playing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lend a Helping Hand

As you all might remember, I am trying to get myself into shape. I have been doing the Melt It Off program with Mitch Gaylord. I realize that if I really want to get into shape, I have to keep a journal, what better way to do that then creating a blog dedicated to helping me and anyone else lose the weight. I will be researching and finding new ways to eat healthy and lose the weight. Go check out my new site: Adventures in Losing the Baby Weight. Let's get healthy and fit!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 24th

That's the new move date!

We've been doing training at the RMHC for the last two weeks now. It's been going really well. Last night at training, Heidi asked if we could start a week early so they could move a week early. The first thing that came to my mind was "Uh, crap. I haven't even thought about packing yet." So, of course, we said yes. So, instead of moving on Halloween weekend like we had planned, we are moving on the 24th. The good thing about this is that we don't have to get EVERY SINGLE THING moved out in two days. We now have a week to get everything moved before we have to be out of our apartment here. That kinda makes me feel less stressed about moving...but MORE stressed about making sure I really know how to do everything and that I make people feel good at the RMHC.

Wish Us Luck!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Death Shall Not Conquer The Hero Again

Will and I went to see the Joseph Smith movie at the JSMB with Christy and Pat.

I have never cried so hard before in my life over a movie.

I am a 7th generation member of the Church. My ancestors came across the plains in search of freedom from oppression for following the Prophet Joseph Smith. Watching the Joseph Smith movie, I realized how much I TAKE for GRANTED the sacrifices which were made so that me and my family could receive the fullness of the gospel. So that me and my family could receive the ordinances to be together in this life and in the next. I am filled with a new appreciation and desire to do family history. I want to learn about my family and the things they went through for their love of the gospel and family.

Yesterday, Andy's grandma gave him a sheet of paper with his line of priesthood authority. Andy is a descendant of Heber C. Kimball, one of the first 12 apostles of The Church. There were only two original apostles who stayed in the Church. The other was the Prophet Brigham Young. My family crossed the plains. My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpa Jake Workman lived catty-corner from Heber C. Kimball. (It's true, Andy and I do make a great pair! haha) I have a grandma who died in Navoo.

I love this true gosple of Jesus Christ. I love my Prophet Joseph Smith for bringing the fullness of the gosple to the earth again, for never, ever giving up on that truth and for dying so that I might have the gospel today. I love my family and my ancestors for living this gosple and sharing it with me. I love my Savior and for his sacrifice in Gethsemane and on the cross. I know the Book of Mormon is true and it speaks to me of the love of my Heavenly Father and Brother, Jesus Christ. I hope I am living up to the legacy I was left and I will strive to do so each day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Compare and contrast, shall we?

Andy was out of town this past weekend in Rock City, Idaho. He was backpacking for class. (I know, sweet class huh?) Well, naturally, Will and I had to stay home. It was going to be a crazy weekend, or so I thought. I actually handled it really well, I am proud to say! My only problem was getting to sleep. We do the same thing every night. Well, I was lonely, and I could not shut my mind off. So, I thought to myself, "hmm...Andy watched a ton of movies online at school for free last semester. Maybe I can find Twilight online and watch it." I was needing some Edward time.

I searched.............

And I searched......................

And I searched some more..................

All I could stinking find was previews and "Buy Twilight Online, NOW."

So, I started looking for shows. I went to this site Andy I go to a lot to watch TV online. I discovered they have movies on there as well...sorta. I couldn't figure it out.

I did a general search for the word "vampire." I thought maybe the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie would come up.

But, instead, a link for "The Vampire Diaries" came up. I thought "I wonder what this is..." and I clicked it. It took me to The CW link and I clicked that, too.

It showed me this picture:
Pretty hot, huh?

I watched a few episodes. Well, ok, I watched them all. (There was only two at the time. It's brand new show)

It's about a girl named Elena. She lives in Mystic Falls, VA. She falls for the new guy, Stefan Salvatore. He's a vampire. But, don't worry, he only eats animals, not humans. He has a brother, Damon, who is a vampire. But he eats people. They both love Elena. Can she chose? Can she survive before she has to chose? (Sound a little familiar? This is based on a book by LJ Smith. She came BEFORE Stephanie Meyer)

So, here is where the comparing and contrasting comes in. We'll compare Bella and Edward to Elena and Stefan. I'll let you be the judge on who is hotter. (I would also like to say, the acting in The Vampire Diaries is WAY better then in Twilight. It's not as awkward.)

Bella and Edward:
Elena and Stefan:

So, leave me your choice. We're going to take a vote. If you think Bella and Edward are a better looking couple, I want to know. If you think Elena and Stefan are a better looking couple, well, tell me. And, if you are interested in seeing what The Vampire Diaries is all about, check out this site.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What a HORRIBLE mommy I am!

So, I know this is my second post for today...

That's because this morning, while talking all about myself, I forgot to talk all about my little man who is EIGHT months old TODAY! I just can't believe it! (I am pretty sure I say that every time I talk about his birthdays!)

He's getting so big. He officially crawls now. And pulls himself up. He's also pretty good at getting his food in his mouth with his fingers. He knows who daddy is. He actually says "Da Da Da" when ever he eats. I was kind of offended until my sister in law, Becky, said I should take it as a compliment. Why you ask? Well, let me tell enlighten you for a moment. He says "Da Da Da" because Dad is the first OTHER person he realizes. What? You say that doesn't make any sense? Well, I am not finished, silly. What that means is: he still considers me and him one person. He associates himself with me and me with him. We are still one in the same in his little mind. I LOVE that way of thinking. Even though he is growning so much and changing so much, one thing that hasn't changed, yet, is the way he sees me. He still sees me as apart of him, the one who he lived in for 8 months.

That's another point. Will is offically lived outside of me as long as he was inside of me. Remember, he was born 4 weeks early.

Will really loves to read. He also likes to eat my plants, and play in the dirt. He likes to go on walks with me. And read stories at night with Daddy. He loves to sit with Daddy on the couch and watch the tube. Or play with toys with Daddy and Mommy. He REALLY loves to be tossed in the air. It makes him giggle a lot. He likes to give girls kisses. Well, ok, he's a one-woman-man, he only kisses Allie Wood.

We love our little man and can't wait for all the fun times ahead!

My buns are burning!

This week, thanks to my good friend Sonny, I have been given some extra motivation to get my butt in shape! He pretty much said to me "What's holding you back besides being lazy?" And he's exactly right. I've just been lazy. I can give whatever excuse I want: "I don't want to loose my milk supply." "So, make sure you are still eating enough." "I just am not a runner." "No one is a runner, you just have to go do it." So, there ya have it, I have no more excuses. I've decided that I have to have a "purpose" when I exercise. On Wednesday, I walked to the library (I've needed a new book since I've already finished the Fablehaven books) Well, they don't open until 10, so I walked there for NO reason. But it's ok, I went there again yesterday and got me a book and Will some books. Today, I just walked down to East high and back. You know, cause you guys care where I walk to everyday.

I have a hard time because, well, it's easy to get overwhelmed with mommy stuff. It's easier to say "I've taken care of a kid all day." Well, that's no longer just who I am. I do care about myself and I am gonna get back to my skinny little butt. The goal is to loose 25 pounds. That's right. 25 pounds. Wish me luck!

Thanks to my great hubby who wants me back to my old self and my good friend Sonny for telling me straight up I have no more excuses!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Enough with the milestones already!

Will has started crawling. And about a day after he started that craziness, he pulled himself up. What the HECK?! I need a break between these huge milestones! I mean, he's almost 8 months old, but He's just getting too big, too fast. Can't I slow it down? It's just so crazy. We went and bought him some winter clothes...he had like two long sleeve shirts. Poor kid would freeze! It was crazy buying some 12 month clothes. It doesn't seem like he'll ever fit in them.

In other news:

Here is an old school picture of me and one of my best friends, Christina:

She's coming to Utah to visit me! Well, ok...so she's really coming out here to see her boyfriend. He lives in Logan. They met while he was out there selling, and now they are getting together for General Conference. (If any of you know how Andy and I met, you know why this is funny) So, her and her bf will be staying with us in Salt Lake for 4 days. Don't worry, we're kicking Andy out from the bed and the girls will be in one room and the boys will be in the other...on the floor. I can NOT wait! I miss my Georgia friends so much! It'll be so fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updates and a few thoughts of my own

In some BIG news here on the Fraser home front...We're MOVING! That's right. AGAIN. We have been given the great opportunity to join the Ronald McDonald Family over at the Ronald McDonald house here in SL. We will be moving Halloween Day. We are very excited!

Will is a little soldier boy...he army crawls all over this place! It's great fun!

In other thoughts...we are looking to but health insurance. Will gets kicked off medicaid when he is a year old. Andy and I just need to be looked at. What with his wrist issues and my moles that hurt...I'd say that would be a good idea, right? Yeah.

I would rather become a hermit then buy health insurance. It's a JOKE! It's like they grab you by the balls with the monthly payment and then squeeze as hard as they can with the deductible. (Sorry for the crude metaphor) But it's true. Like a family of three, going to school full time, working part time can afford payments of at least 150 bucks (and that's REALLY low) a month and a deductible of at least 1,500 bucks a month (again, that's the lowest we found). The schools policy is an even bigger joke and I don't even want to go there. Why can't insurance companies be about helping people instead of trying to make a buck? Seriously people. What about the little guy. It's not like we are complete bums. We are doing what we are supposed to and still get shat upon. Nice. Real cool.

It's easy for people who have health insurance to be against Obama's Public Option. Try being the person who can't afford the private way, and makes "too" much for the government option. Why does congress get a steal on their health insurance? Seeing as we work, and pay taxes, which pay their stinking salary...we pay for THEIR insurance and yet can't afford our own.

Looking for a health plan can just go live under a rock and DIE!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

We'll have a crawler soon

Yum, Sand.

Playing in the sand!

The Gang. Cody, Kate, Danielle, Andy and Will.

We labored on Labor Day. Andy decided to rest a little with Will
We put Will in the clothes hamper.
Bath time! Fun Fun Fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ER Excitement

Many of you may remember my ATV accident. If not, you can read about it here.

When I fell off the ATV, a few hours later I started having minor cramps. I didn't think anything of it though. Over time, my cramps have gotten worse and I've had some other symptoms. They are just the kind of cramps that I would take a deep breath and move on with my day. Well, my m-i-l called Andy yesterday and said we should go to the ER. Things had started to get a little worse and, well, we don't have health insurance yet. So, going to the ER, they HAVE to check you out, despite your ability to pay right away. So, we found Will a sitter (We really have GREAT neighbors) and we headed to the ER. I know, I feel like it should have been rushed as well, but it wasn't. We took our time. We even stopped at Wendy's to get some food before we got to LDS Hospital. I was seen immediately (no wait, go figure.) Of course, there were the regular tests, blood and urine. I used to really hate needles and blood. After a week straight of blood tests every four hours, needles and blood are a piece of cake. Then, I had an ultra sound. I guess now would be a good time to mention that I have an IUD in place and the thought is that it has shifted just enough to cause some issues. So, I was wheeled up to the radiology department for ultra sounds. (Yes, I felt incredibly ridiculous being wheeled around even though I could walk just fine.) I had some ultra sounds done. My IUD seems to be in place, but there is a fragment of something where it shouldn't be. The radiologist has never seen anything like that before. So, then it was time for the really, really great part. The pelvic exam. Yummmm-o! haha, according to the ER DR...every thing seems normal, so I need to go see my OB...

I know what you are all thinking, What? That's it? Everything seems normal?

Yeah, that's how I feel too. To top it off, the DR said, "You should go see your OB. We'll release you now. I'll go get your papers and have someone take that IV out of your arm. Have a nice night"

Seriously? There is some sort of funky in my uterus showing up on the ultrasound and you're saying everything SEEMS fine? Are you kidding me? I don't understand it.

Oh, and I'm not pregnant. So, that's not my problem.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Time Savings :P

I just saved TWENTY-FIVE dollars at the grocery store today!!

THAT, my friends, is a great feeling!

We went to Idaho this past weekend to visit Andy's sister Nikki and her awesome family! Saturday we went to Rigby Lake (It's really Jefferson County Lake. But those crazy Idahoians don't call things what they really are!) It was great fun. We took Will on a raft for about 5 minutes. He could have cared less though. haha We then went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Yummmm-o! Sunday we had chruch and took some pictures of those cute Barnes' kids! We had a blast!

Pictures to come a little later!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Where the heck does the time go?

Will is 7 months old as of yesterday. I'm pretty sure I didn't allow this. I am pretty sure he never asked permission either. He's SUCH a cute little dude. He's started getting really excited...about...everything! I made him applesauce from organic apples a few weeks ago. I put it in baby jars, stuck them in the freezer and got some out late last week. He LOVES it! Whenever I give it to him, he balls his fists up, kicks his little legs (almost kicking the jar out of my hand), sucks his lower lip in, and goes "Hmmmm! Hmmmm! Hmmmm! It is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! Of course, I have yet to get video of it. Sometimes there are thing I want to keep all to myself! He has also started scooting (as I mentioned in an earlier post) It's really cute, and kinda nice that he enjoys playing with toys on the floor, then making me hold him all day long. Although, sometimes I miss that...quite a bit actually. He is SUCH a cheese ball. He makes this HUGE grin all the time. It actually looks a lot like a face I used to make when I was a kid. Crinkly nose, big huge grin. So cute! He is looking more and more like me. He looked just like Andy when he was born, but now, he's looking more like me. It's interesting. He LOVES to make raspberries with his mouth. Sometimes while he is eating too. Gets ALL over everywhere. He also really loves Andy. At around 5-530, he starts getting grumpy. It's the time Andy is usually home. He gets so happy again once Andy is home. I love it.

He is such a sweet little boy. He is so loving and happy all the time. Andy and I can't imagine him not being with us. It's like he's always been with us. We love him so much and are so happy to be a family!

Here is a picture of Will, totally cheesin it up!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Glenwood/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Fremont Indian SP

The awesome farm house we stayed at! Thanks Becca and Nate!
W and Daddy on his first 4wheel ride! He could have really cared less. ha!
At Big Rock Candy Mountain
It's kind of hard to see, but this is actually some kind of map drawn by the Fremont.
The main source of food was desert goat. There are a lot of drawings of these animals.
Inside the Sheep Shelter. The cave wasn't big enough to hold sheep, they call it that because of the sheep drawn on the roof.
At the Fremont Indian State Park. Look up to where I am pointing. It's an indian pictograph of a desert goat from about between the years of A.D 400-A.D 1300.
We didn't have a hat for W, so we just had him "put yo' hood up"!

Recent Pictures of the crazy fraser clan!

Oh, aren't we an attractive family?!
Yum, yum...a mum mum!
you have to looove that face

Trip to Glenwood

Sunday night Andy and I packed up our stuff and Will and drove about 3 hours to Glenwood, UT. It's right outside of Richfield. It's a quaint little farm town to which I hope to move one day. Yes, it's true, I want to move to a farming community where the closest Wally World is about 30 minutes or more away. And don't even think about a mall, welcome to cyber shopping. I want to grow my own produce and have a few horses. Eat buffalo on a regular basis (it's just better for you). Yes, I know...you all think I am nuts. But there is nothing I love more then a little town with about 5 roads and lots open land.

That being said, we had a great adventure! Our first night there, we just chilled. "Watched" a movie, and if you know me at all, you know I fell asleep within the first 30 minutes. On Monday, we just hung out around the house. Which is a gorgeous, 100 year old farm house. We then had quite the feast. We enjoyed hotdogs on the grill, with beans, grilled zucchini, grilled corn on the cob and fresh trout on the grill. I will have to say, the trout was amazing. Becca's dad cought it just this past weekend, so it was still very fresh. I added some s&p along with some Lemon Herb seasoning and to top it off, I covered it in fresh lemon juice. Wrapped it in some foil and Grilled it. It was devine!

Tuesday, Andy, Will and I went on little adventure to Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was quite fun. We enjoyed a little hike, shared a buffalo burger at the cafe and let Will drink some water out of a straw. That was funny. He loved it.

After Big Rock, we went to the Fremont Indain Museum and Stake Park. That was the coolest place! The story is, when they were building I70, they came across these mountains/canyons and noticed caves and pictoglyphs. So, they moved the highway and did some big excavations on the area. They discovered the largest Fremont Indian settlement ever. There is so much rock art out there it is insane. It's kinda weird looking though. A lot of it looks like martians or something. Crazy. But, the Fremonts have a legend of where they come from. They come from the underworld and they have to try to get back there, there are three different degrees of the underworld and they try to make it to the best one...sound familiar? Yeah...I thought so too.

It was way neat. We have lots of pictures. I'll post them later. Andy and I want to take a little trip with just the two of us to Big Rock, we want to go on the Piute ATV trail and rafting down Lemonade Springs.

Speaking of ATV's...I totally flipped when I was riding the 4wheeler. I am ok, I have lots of bruises and I'm really sore, but I'm great! Scariest thing ever!

Friday, August 14, 2009

have...wanted...must have...

Two years ago, I went to a festival in Asheville called Bele Chere. It is this really awesome street festival they have every year for a weekend. While I was there, I was wearing some cheap-o Old Navy sandals. I had had them FOREVER. Long enough, that while paroozing the streets, I discovered my heel was touching the pavement. Yuck!

So, I tossed them out right there and bought these:Best 30 bucks I ever spent. They are comfy, like walking on clouds. Good arch support. And, they keep your toesies in control.

Well, there is a downside to these...they're flip flops. Not so good for hiking and such.

Then, I discovered these:
I loooove the way they look and I looove the way they feel. They have support, and they have a strap in the back, no more slipping round the rocks. Sweet. I have just been waiting to get them.

Well, I went to REI today.

I was looking at the chacos I wanted to get, then I saw these:See, a little girl in my court wears these, and they look so cute. I thought, eh, they can't be better. So, I had been doing my research, found out they are about 10 bucks cheaper then the Chacos. So, I decided I would go to REI and check things out. At first, I didn't see them. I thought maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Then, like a beacon in the sky, I found them. (They were literally higher then me. I had to actually look up.) I asked the nice man to get me a pair to try on. I fell in love. They are THE most COMFORTABLE shoes I have ever had on my feet. The way they feel is just divine.

I must have them.

We will be going to the REI garage sale tomorrow. I will get a pair.

They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.
*name that movie. If you can, we are best friends.

I wonder, have any of you ever just been SO in love with a material thing? I know, how...materialistic of me, evil...but admit it, you are too. Leave it in a comment. I want to know how many of my friends are just as shallow as I am.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Will has started scooting his way around our home.

Time to move the valuables and keep the floor cleaner!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's perfectly normal...

...for a stay-at-home mom to be on facebook or blogging for at least 2-2.5 hours a day. SWEET!

Also, my in-laws brought us back Belgium Chocolates from...Belgium.

I wasn't that impressed. Out of 10 chocolates, there was only one I enjoyed.

I'll stick with Hersey's. Thanks.

We're still trying to get W (no, not Bush...the baby) off the swaddle. Sometimes I think I would rather cut off my left foot.

I just finished the 1st season of Bones...and it was amazing.

Little Kenadie was blessed today, she's such a doll! I love my family!

So, this little post, according to my sister-in-law Nikki, is completely normal. And so is the other 3.5 hours I spend chatting on facebook and blog stalking my friends....

oh, wait...it's only 2.5 hours that is normal. Dangit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post #100...Privatize

Because I watch too much TV (Law & Order...CSI) and I love my family, we are going PRIVATE.

Leave your e-mail and you'll be added.

We'll be going private on August 20th. That's three weeks away and PLENTY of time for you to leave your e-mail!

Monday, July 27, 2009

6 Months and a NEW cousin

Will is now 6 months old! I can't even believe it. He is just so BIG now...and if you don't believe me, I have some comparison pictures of Will and his cousins, Kenadie and Melanie.

Will is now a major pro at rolling over and spinning around. I just lay him on the floor and let him roll, pretty much until he hits a road block, then I just have him start over again. He loves it! He really loves to play outside, and I mean, who wouldn't, especially when there are no road blocks to hit when rolling? He now eats "big boy" food! So far he eats peaches, bananas, squash and prunes. This week I am going to go to the Sunflower Market to get some fresh, organic fruits and veggies to make Will some baby food. I have been making all his baby food, and it is SUCH a stress reliever. I have bought some baby food for Will, just he prunes...he was constipated. But, I have a HARD time buying baby food. I know the labels SAY it's just the fruit or veggie and water...but how can I REALLY know that? Plus, it's WAY cheaper to just make it myself. I mean, I wouldn't eat the baby food out of the jar, how can I expect Will to do the same? It is really easy and really fun! I use this site for all the information I need: www.wholesomebabyfood.com. Go to it and check it out!

Will still doesn't sit up on his own! We practice everyday, but he just flops over! By the looks of it, this kid will be crawling before he sits up :(

He still gets swaddled for naps and bedtime...we are TRYING to wean him of it...TRYING. We were using a Kiddopotomus Swaddle Me blanket. I highly recommend it. It velcros and really helped us when Will was colicy. But, he is no longer crying all the time, and he goes to bed and stays asleep...so I feel it is time to break this habit. We tried the one arm out thing...it didn't work as well as I would have hoped. So, we are now using blankets. We wrap them a little bit more loosely then we normally would. But, he's started rolling over in his swaddle, and that is just a hazzard! I am going to try at nap times to just not swaddle him...we'll see how that goes. Sometimes I think I should have not swaddled him, but I think it is a more active baby because from early on, he and I were getting enough sleep at night time. So, I will swaddle the rest of our kids...as long as they will have it :)

Andy's birthday was on the 21st. We were going to go to the canyons to roast hot dogs and make s'mores with our friends the Davey's. It didn't end up working out though. So, on the 22nd we went to the Outdoor Expo and Hires. YUM! We gots lots of freebies from the Expo. T-shirts, this awesome water bottle and these way cool wool socks called Wigwam socks! They are freakin amazing! Tonight we have an Edvalson Cousins Party with Andy's Edvalson cousins, tomorrow we have swimming with the Barnes' and FINALLY roasting hot dogs and s'mores in the canyons!

Sorry this post was SO long!

But here are my pictures. The oldest is Will, then there is Kenadie, and lastly there is Melanie. They are all with their mommies...the oldest Mom has the youngest baby, that my sis in law Becky, the middle Mom has the middle baby, that is my sis in law Cassie and lastly, the youngest Mom has the oldest baby, and that is ME!

Here is Will, Kenz and Melanie. They are SO cute. But Will looks HUGE!

1...2...3....K, Kenz, lets roll on Mel, give her a proper welcome!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Saddens Me...

...that SO many people in the world are hypocrites. Why is it that people what to do whatever they want, be whoever they want, act however they want and try to force their way and beliefs on others? I am very much the type of person who will not judge someone based on their lifestyle or way of thinking. But I am going to do that right now, because I can no longer hold my tongue. It makes me SICK that so many of the gay community are being SO DISRESPECTFUL to one particular group of people! People whom I belong to. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. Some of this group are doing "Kiss In's" in front of LDS Temples across the country. As you all know, The Church is against homosexuality...NOT homosexuals. We are against the LIFESTYLE, not the person. Now, I personally believe being gay is a CHOICE, although some will argue it is a disorder. It's up for debate, but I still believe what I believe. You don't see LDS members standing outside gay bars and protesting. I think there should be a line drawn between "protesting" and harrassing. Just because The Church hasn't bowed down and followed the world, We've chosen to stick to The Lords way. It's wrong that people, and it's not JUST gays, can feel good about the way they are treating a group of people. When Prop 8 happened, The Church didn't go around rallying for people to vote for it. They simply sent a letter to the stakes in California telling them to vote the way they think is best, the way in which they know to be in coordinance with God's Law. That was it.

I don't know. It just breaks my heart everyday, when I see things like this on the news. How people can go to sleep knowing how they have harrassed a religion, I do not know. Why does someone feel they need the approval of a religion they aren't even a part of?!?

Joseph Smith once said The Church will always be under persecution. I now know that to be true, because I have lived through it in my lifetime now.

I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS TRUE. I love it and it has brought so much happiness to my life, and no one can take that away from me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

*Naked Bum Alert*

My goalis to take more pictures of my family...and actually get them printed!

Who wouldn't want to have these memories?!?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying some Peace and Quite...

Will just finished screaming his poor little lungs out for about 30 minutes. Poor bugger. I can't bring myself to let him cry straight out. I know it works for some people (BECCA, if only I could ignore it as well as you do!) Last night was miserable. We went to do laundry at Andy's parents, like we do every Saturday. But, after that, we had a fun going away party for our good friends Justin and Erica and their studly boy Parley. They are moving to Iowa for Podiatry School, and we'll miss hanging out with them. It was at Murray Park, and it was stinking hot as EVER! We stripped Will down to a diaper and let him roll around in the grass. He loves the grass. Well, we were so busy having fun, we didn't get home until around 9 that night. Will pretty much put himself on a schedule, I helped a little, but it was mostly him. He likes to be in bed between 730-815ish. Yeah, I know. Lucky right? Since we didn't get home until about 9, he was NOT a happy camper. He cried the entire way home. Then, he was out like a light. Sounds awesome huh? It would be, except for he woke up every hour and a half for the REST of the night. Finally, at about 6, I had decided I was done. When he woke up again about 630, I make Andy go in there. I was BEAT! Andy tried to get him to sleep for about 30 minutes, and when he wouldn't, they went outside for a little bit. Of course, I couldn't sleep well while he screamed, so when they went outside, I joined them. We came in about 730, and Will slept from 730-1030. I guess he was catching up on all that lost sleep. He got grump again around 1230, and he crashed. I couldn't bring myself to wake him for Church at 1, so I took a nap as well and we went to Church for the last hour. I needed that nap. Will usually goes to bed so well, but tonight he struggled again. I think once we can get him used to staying on his schedule while we are OUT, things will get better for the poor guy. Now, I can't bring myself to just let him scream and scream, but I have gotten used to going in and calming him down. I don't go right away...but I do go in. It's so amazing to me how different methods work for different people. There are so many days where I wish I could just let Will cry and he would get the hang of it quickly. We tried that for about a week. He cried HARD the entire time we let him cry and as soon as I stopped caring, he started doing exactly what I wanted. He's a lot like me that way, he'll come around on his own time.

So, here I sit, blogging, because I actually have the time. Listening to my neighbors play their piano and sing "Nearer To Thee." It's so calming after trying so hard to not stress out with a crying baby. Wishing Andy didn't have to write a paper so I could just talk with him. Today we talked about how we would love to just live off the land. It all started when we picked some beans from our garden today. I never gardened as a child. We planted flowers in the front yard. I never thought I would have such a green thumb! We want to own a lot of land and grow our own fruits and vegetables. I would love to have a couple chickens and rooster, to have our own eggs, horses and I would LOVE IT! I will grow up to be one of those ladies with a big straw hat and overalls, working in my garden. For me, besides having kids..well, for me A kid...and a wonderful husband who I work and love daily, there is no greater satisfaction then seeing the fruits of our labors and eating our own grown foods!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So, last night, we had our good friends Nate and Becca over for popcorn and a movie. Andy had a bad day the other day, so to cheer him up, I rented a movie for us to watch. I rented the new movie "Knowing". I was kinda surprised by how it turned out! I enjoyed it, although my friend Becca will tell you it wasn't that good....at least it ended up being bad in the end. :) Love you Becca! So, anyways, it ended up being QUITE the interesting movie including lots of references to lots of peoples beliefs of the end of the world. Including the 144,000...so, I say, it was good. I enjoyed it. And it kept me on the edge of my seat, and hiding my head under the covers at some parts!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A babies gotta eat!

And apparently, mine wants to use his teeth.

No, Will does not have teeth...yet. But I am pretty certain he is getting ready to have them emerge and grace me with all their glory. (Ah, breastfeeding. Maybe it won't be that bad...) The boy drools like NO ONES business! He chews on anything and everything he can get his little paws on. I swear, if he could fit the entire binkie in his trap, he would. And he would love it.

Today, he started randomly screaming. And I'm not talking just the "Oh, my life is horrible! Won't someone change my bum?!" cry. I'm talking full blown, red faced, "TAKE A BREATH!" crying.

Let's just say, I'm not a fan.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello All! I just wanted to post a little about our fun vacation we had in Georgia this past week. We left on Thursday July 2nd around 4pm...making us arrive back east at 11pm...bad idea. Apparently, Will adjusted to the time change mid-flight and was ready for bed by the time we got off the plane. My mom and David picked us up, and we got in the truck to head home. Only, we sat in traffic for about 30 minutes. Only in Atlanta could you get stuck in traffic at 11:30 at night. Surprisingly, Will did really well in the traffic. As soon as the car started moving, he screamed. So, we stopped at The Varsity in Gwinnett to feed the little bugger and change his bum, when the cops showed up. Don't worry, he was just checking to see if everything was ok, seeing as we were in a vacant Varsity parking lot. Friday morning, we took our sweet time waking up. (it was a LONG night) In Georgia, they have this restruant called Zaxby's. They sell chicken and wings and all sorts of yummy goodness. Since they don't have them here at home, we HAVE to have it everytime we go there. Big Andy, me, Will, Bubba and little Andy went to eat at Zaxby's before we all got hair cuts. It was SO good. I can still taste it in my mouth. We all got hair cuts. Then it was time to head to the pool. In GA, just about ALL the neighborhoods have pools and tennis courts. Wow, what a concept, huh? My dad's neighborhood has the best kinda pool, too. It's all salt water based, so you don't have to destroy your skin in the chlorine. I was so excited! I am a pool rat for sure. We had lots of fun wrestling with my brothers. It was great. Then we had burgers for dinner and went to Starbucks to get coffee. Andy and I got shakes. Then, we pulled off the side of the road and watched an awesome fireworks show. Saturday was the 4th, so we spent the day at the pool with my dad, had hotdogs for lunch, then went to my mom's for the night. We had yummy steak and watched Big Andy and Bubba do the fireworks. I also got to take a ride on David's motorcycle. He drives a Harley. Andy and I will get one of those one day :) Sunday, we woke up early to head to Mt. Holly, NC. We went to visit my Aunts and Uncles there AND most importantly, my Mamaw. She's my great-grandma! That means, at this very moment, there are FIVE generations of Mullis' living on the earth. She's got Alizhiemers, so she doesn't really remember anything, but boy is she funny. You guys should have seen her when she went to give Andy a hug. She loves him! Monday, we saw my grandparents on my dad's side. Went to the pool and had Jumbalia. My step-mom, Angela is from Baton Rouge. So, she has a cool accent and makes jumbalia. We also had family pictures with my mom. Ms. Deborah took them and they turned out SO cute. Will is like a baby model! It was so fun! Andy had to go home that night :( My dad took him to The Varsity (he really wanted to eat it, but when we went the night we got there, it was closed) and then he was back home to work and school. I did surprisingly well without him...although I missed him a lot! Tuesday was rainy, so we went to the mall and then to dinner at my grandma smith's. She made chicken pot pie. YUM! Wedsnday we hung out with my mom and then went to dinner and the park in Suwanee. SO FUN! Thursday, I had to leave and while it was sad, I was ready to be home and Will was REALLY ready to be home.

So, here we sit, watching Mike and Juliet, and will is playing in his exersaucer. We're tan and look great. And we're just gonna relax today. At least, until we go see Andy's parents tonight. They just got back from Europe and I can't wait to see them!

Sorry for the long post, and if you've read this far, you must really love me :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poopy boy!

We started Will on rice cereal and he LOVED it. He even tries to put the spoon in his mouth all by himself. So, I decided after about two weeks that we would try oatmeal. He loves that even more. Although, I am not the biggest fan because it makes him constipated. I had tried everything...massaging his belly, doing the bicycle with his legs, giving him fruit. He didn't enjoy the fruit in his oatmeal though. Then, I talked to my Andy's sister, Nikki. She said, "Give him grape juice." What? grape juice? Really? So, I did. And about 30 minutes after he drank it, he pooped. YAY! I have never been so excited about poop before in my life! Well, just to be on the safe side, I gave him a little more the next day. He's pooped 3 times since MIDNIGHT. What the heck?! I am SO tired of poopy diapers. THEY STINK! But, it was so worth it! Little guys being constipated is not fun for mom or baby!

So, hallelujah for grape juice!

Friday, June 26, 2009

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror"

Say what you want about Michael Jackson. You can't deny he was a great artist, dancer and world peace/human rights advocate.

Last night I watched the 20/20 special about Michael Jackson. In talking about the fact that he seems to be regressing, back to a child, and the behaves childish, MJ said these words: "I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. He said to become like the children. I am not childish, I am childlike. When I see children, I see the face of God."

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His
(Change His Ways-Ooh!)
And No Message Could've
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make That . . .
(Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make That . . .)

No one is perfect. We are not the ones who should judge. I think we could all learn a lesson from MJ.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My obsession must now end.

As you all know, I have a major obsession with Jon&Kate Plus 8. Now, living here in MNT time, it doesn't come on until 10 pm, which is WAY past my bedtime. My good friend Becca told me the other day that Jon&Kate were making a BIG announcement. Well, all along, I have really been routing for them to make things work. They have 8 beautiful children, and they are in the show for them...right?

Apparently not. Last night, Jon&Kate announced that they were separating. Ok, take a little time apart. I can understand that, and I don't even have 8 kids. While they were explaining their feelings, I was most disappointed with Jon. He actually said, "I'm sad this is happening, but it's a new chapter in my life and I am excited." Oh really? You're excited you are tearing your family apart? Oh, real cool Jon. I've been on his side the most during all the DRAMA. I thought he was just tired of the fame. But, I guess he's just tired of being tied down now that he has money. Personally, if he would have NEVER quit his job two years ago, I really don't think they would be having these issues...and if he had a little bit of a backbone and didn't let Kate be such a...well, you know.

I have watched the show for a very long time. I know it's just a show, and I don't really know these people. But, yes, I am one of those fans who feels like they were apart of my family. Well, Andy and I decided that if Jon&Kate split up, we will no longer be watching the show. So, the obsession must end. We do not want to watch a family being torn apart. I have divorced parents. Who wants to watch that on TV? We don't. I would totally be on bored if they would have even tried. In their first episode this season, Kate said it took 5 years to get this way. So you give yourself 8 months to "work things out"? If it took 5 years to get to this point, it will take at least 5 years to work it out. But, what do I know?

So Long Obsession with Jon&Kate Plus 8.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh the JOY!

Remember my last blog, you know, the update/no good, very bad day? When I talked about my AC being broken and how they to "fix" it?

This is ANOTHER blog about my STILL broke AC.

So, when we moved in, our RA (by the way, we live in student housing) told us when she and our neighbor cleaned our apartment for Becca, they noticed the AC was leaking. They called AND Becky noted it on the move-in sheet. Well, they also turned off the AC. When maintenance came to "clean" our apartment before we moved it, it obviously was not leaking because is was off. I called the office, told them, and this is what the girl said to me "Ok." What? OK? That's all you have to say to me, is OK? No, it's not OK. No one came by that day. So, the next day I went to the office. I told them AGAIN. So, they say to me, and I quote, "You're running it too hard. With the cooler weather, there is really no need to run it at 68-69." Oh, really? Hmm, I am pretty sure I am running it at 71-72. But, OK. So, they say "If it still is leaking tomorrow call us and we'll come down." OK. Well, lo and behold, my AC is STILL leaking the next day. So, I call AGAIN. Then, I hang up and I walk my cute tush down there. They must have thought I was real cute that day because they decided to grace me with their precence and "fix" my AC. They pulled the vent out of the ceiling, made a huge mess, pulled the vent out of my neighbors ceiling, made a huge mess in her apartment, blew some stuff through it, put the vents back and called it fixed. YAY...right? No. As soon as the AC kicked on again, it starts dripping. So, I call the office AGAIN. Tell them that the guys JUST left and it is still dripping. "oh, it'll drip for a little big, but it'll stop. If it doesn't stop, call us in the morning." So, I say...OK! Well, I call in the morning, cause go figure, it's STILL dripping. And it's getting even worse. And what does the girl say to me...guess. I bet you can't guess. She says "OK." NO, it's NOT OK. UGHHH! I am so over that word! No one comes by.

That brings me to today. With a STILL dripping AC, which has filled my cleaning bucket about a thrid of the way full, and continues to drip. I called again and they are going to send someone to "fix" it again. I hope they don't come during Will's nap. He's teething and I've drugged him with some Baby Orajel and he's actually sleeping. I've got myself a Dr. Pepper and I'm blogging, looking up just how far you have to run, bike and swim in a triathalon that I have told my friend Heidi I would do with her...in Septemeber, and watching some cop show that I have been watching for two days straight now. Mostly because I have NO clue what it is called, and so I watch it so I can see the opening credits, but they don't show the name.

And in the background all I hear is "drip, drip-drip, drip."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey! I'm BACK!

It's only been like a week since I last blogged, and I am pretty sure I have been going through withdraws.

Things that have been going on at the Fraser Pad:

Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of packing, with Andy doing most of the work. As Mom Fraser so smartly put it: "When I was nursing Jody, I always felt so bad when I couldn't help clean things up. Then, I had Nikki, and I realized, I can't help, I have to nurse the baby. And I got a good 15 minutes or more of peace and quite." Yes, mom. I agree. (And I've only got one kid!)

Thursday consisted of moving our entire one bedroom apartment down three flights of stairs, over 20 steps and up one more flight of steps. (The couch went through the window. Don't worry, it was open.) Then, sleeping in our OWN room for the first time in FOUR months! It was heaven. Then, we went to visit Grandpa Ray for one last time.

Friday consisted of Andy sluffing work. (I never heard the word sluffing until I moved here. Now, I say it every chance I get. It's like the word biffed.) We attempted to unpack. It's mostly finished. We had to call maintenence because our AC leaks...all OVER our food shelves. Yeah, that doesn't make me too happy. Who wants moldy food? (It's STILL not fixed.)

Saturday consisted of picking up Jake from the airport. We sure love seeing him! I had planned to make a YUMMY zucchini casserole for Jake and Nikki. But, mom and dad's oven is out of commission. So, we went to The Magic Wok and ate yummy, yummy CHINESE food!

Sunday consisted of finishing our laundry, trying to unpack AND get to Chruch. So, we ended up sluffing Church. (See, there is that word again.) Then, we had Grandpa Ray's Viewing. He looked so good.

Monday consisted of Grandpa Ray's funeral. It was a beautiful funeral and we will really miss our Grandpa Ray.

That brings me to today...the day where EVERYTHING just went wrong.

1. I left my zucchini casserole stuff at mom's. So, I knew I had to go get that at some point.
2. I've started Will on a napping schedule. He cries for about 15 minutes, then I go in, rub his head and he's out for the next 2 hours. But, that 15 mintues is the LONGEST 15 minutes of my life!
3. The grocery store went really, really well. For once.
4. When I got home, I realized I don't have the new house key on my key ring. Nice, locked myself out.
5. The chocolate chips melted in the car.
6. Smith's called. You left your wallet. GREAT!
7. Time to go get the food from mom's before it goes bad.
8. OH! There's a TREE in the middle of the interstate.
9. Sit in rush hour traffic.
10. Realize you left your cookbook at mom's and you can't remember if the casserole has rice or not. (It doesn't)
11. Go searching for the cookbook at someone else's house.
12. Miss walking with Eden because dinner isn't done.
13. Find the recipe at Danina's house. YES!
14. COOK dinner. FINALLY. Hey, it's only 7:30. PM!
15. Try to put Will to bed. Yeah, right.
16. Check the casserole. Chicken is STILL not cooked. At it's 8:00 pm.
17. Will still crying. Andy stops studying to put will to sleep. It's 830. Dinner still isn't done.
18. Check dinner again. The heat from the oven burns your face. Run it under cold water without drowning.
19. Dinner finshed. Eat. YUM!
20 Top of the day with a slice of kalua pie from Marie's.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just so EVERYONE knows

i do love my husband, and he said I look like a Duggar out of love.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Looked Like a Duggar

On Sunday, I wore this cute, ankle length kakhi skirt to Church.

Last night, during pillow talk, I told Andy he looked really good on Sunday.

He says, "Thanks. You looked like a Duggar."

Nice, way to ruin the mood, punk!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hunger Games

So, as most of you know, I'm a reading fiend. Yes, fiend.

My great friend/godmother (if we did that kinda thing) to my son, Raquel knows I love to read. She loaned this brand new book she had just bought on Amazon. It was called the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She had not yet read it, but somehow she knew I needed something new to read. (Seeing as I keep reading the Outlander series over and over and over and over...well you get the picture.) Well, I will say, when she told me what it was about, I was a little skeptical. But, I started reading it while we were still hanging out at their place. *I love that I can go over there, Andy and Matt can play Mario Cart, Will sleeps, and me and Raquel do our own thing and still love being together!* I read the first 30 pages or something, but it was slow going and I didn't pick it up again for a few weeks. Instead, I picked up Dragonfly in Amber, the 3rd book in the Outlander Series. Then, I got tired of reading it, and picked up The Hunger Games again...and I couln't put it down! It is one of the best books I have read! I love it. I couldn't believe the ending! I can't wait for the next one to hit the shelves. It's called Catching Fire. Such a good book. It's slow at first, but once you get past the first 50 or so pages, you won't be able to put it down! So, I am telling you all to go pick it up.

*side note: Andy's parents left for Europe today, for an ENTIRE MONTH. Yeah, I'm jealous. I hope they don't get pick pocketed by Gypsies. That's the story I want to tell when I go to Eroupe one day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I really enjoy home making. I love to cook, bake and clean. I used to imagine myself playing with my baby while the cookies are in the oven, or while dinner was cooking on the stove. I used to imagine doing the dishes while my baby took a nap, and keeping the house picked up. Keeping our home organized and uncluttered, because we only have a one bedroom, it needs to stay picked up.

Yes, I used to imagine how perfect it would be to be a home maker.

And then I had a baby. Now, all that home making has pretty much gone out the window. I love playing with Will. He is just my little knight in shining armor. But, when he goes down for a nap, there is no picking up the house, there is laying down and hoping my headache goes away. Dinner, ha. Yeah, I cook it...but it takes a LOT of effort. Cookies...yeah, you can forget that, unless Andy has done the dishes and I have counter space. Keeping the house organized....right, my 4 month old has TAKEN OVER my house. It's SO unorganized.

Needless to say, I was a better home maker before I had a baby.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Guilty Pleasures have become my...


*What Not To Wear

*America's Next Top Model

*A Baby Story

*Wife Swap/Trading Spouses...it's all the same, right?

*Bringing Home Baby

and lastly....

Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Yes, these are my guilty pleasures. Reality TV. It's now become an addiction, where I spent all weekend watching the Jon and Kate marathon on TLC. Don't you hope they can just work things out?? And that Kate can stop being such a meanie? Yes, a meanie. I watch these shows daily, and I have forced Andy to watch them SO much, he watches them on his own now. Ah, brainwashing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Honey Bees, found in Utah. If you don't know, they can kill you.

Now my fears are even more justified. Great.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Much Adu about...Will!

Here's the pictures you have all been waiting for!