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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spring View Farms 5K

These pictures aren't in order, but you can see, Nikki and I finished the race! It was such an accomplishment! I hope to do another one before the year is over!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knotty Pine and "she runs?"

We were able to go camping at Knotty Pine with Becky and Weston and their SIX, yes six, girls, over the weekend of the 24th! It was such a wonderful time! It was so nice to have Alison and Erica there. I wish Will had older siblings. Maybe I can recruit Ali and Erica, although, I think Becky would want them back eventually! Will had a wonderful time playing with his cousins and going to the park and pool with them! He also thoroughly enjoyed playing in the fire pit. Of course, that was only when the fire was out. As you can see, here he is having a wonderful time! He was covered in ash and soot from head to toe. We promptly threw him in the tub when we got home. It was great, we love using our camping gear and being outside all day and night, literally! I like to think if I had to, I could survive living like the pioneers did, as long as I had a dutch oven and a tooth brush! We made a wonderful (well, ok, it was a little dry) blackberry cobbler in the dutch oven for Andy's birthday! We are planning to hit up the DI's in search of used dutch ovens. I have a friend who says if you just wash the rust off thoroughly, then throw it in your oven on the self clean cycle, they come out good as new! Hopefully, we can find one before our big Yellowstone trip in a few weeks!

We also sold our Malibu!! It didn't take long. We purchased a VW Passat Station Wagon! It's charcoal gray with cream leather interior. It is the perfect size! So roomy! It's got to be the sweetest car either of us has ever owned! And yes, we OWN it. We paid for it in full! Still no car payments! Yay! Andy is a master negotiator! I am lucky I married such a thrifty man! We were able to load all of our camping gear into the back and STILL see out the back window! And we didn't have to pack anything into the seats next to Will!

This past weekend was quite busy for us! We had a wedding (including the luncheon and reception) on Friday. It was Andy's cousin, Bryson's wedding. He married a sweet girl names Erin in the Salt Lake Temple. It was fabulous to be in the same temple where Andy and I were sealed! The Salt Lake Temple will always have a special place in my heart! Afterward, we had the luncheon to attend. We were able to come home for a few hours to take naps before the reception. It was held at The Kimball Home at This Is The Place. It was beautiful! Andy's a descendant of Heber C. Kimball, so it was fun to walk around "his" house. (It is just a replica, but there are lots of pictures! Andy and I love the way 18th and 19th century homes are built and would like to one day build our own home in the same fashion. With a tower, of course. Andy MUST have a tower! haha) After the reception, we stayed at Andy's parents house because his sister, Nikki, and I were going to run our first ever 5k EARLY in the morning! The 5k was such a blast! I ran pretty much the whole time. The only time I walked was half way up a hill for the second time. I had just finished running up and back down said hill when I had to turn around because it was the half way mark. It was steeper the second time around! I ran it in 33:56 and placed third for my age group! I didn't even care about placing at all. I just wanted to finish! It was only after I checked my time online that I discovered I had placed 3rd! I am quite pleased with myself. I have been training for months and have never considered myself a runner...until now! Of course, I am addicted and would like to run another before it is too cold! After the race, we had a birthday party with my Aunt Loralee's family. After that, we had a wedding shower for Andy's OTHER cousin, Aaron. He is getting married on August 14th in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. I love that temple as well. It's so gorgeous!

Today consisted of church, where Will was, yet again, an angel during nursery. The teachers always thank us for having a wonderful child who hardly ever cries and who is easy to calm down when he does cry! Tcha! If only he was that way at home!! He's started hitting us. Mostly me. Not cool. We've started time out. I never thought it would happen so soon! He's growing up so fast! We love our little man, that is for sure!

(I will post pictures as soon as they are downloaded!)