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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The FINAL decision!

Andy spent last weekend in Erie, Pennsylvania and Lebanon, Oregon interviewing at some schools. (Well, he actually over slept for his interview in Oregon. So, instead he played at the coast and enjoyed fresh clam chowder and halibut. I was quite jealous!!)

Now that he has seen all the schools...we've made a decision of where we would like to live for the next four years! We're going to Glendale, Arizona! We'll be moving sometime this summer. I prefer the sooner the better. Seeing as I will be about six months pregnant and it will be SUMMER...in ARIZONA! But, we can't move until we find a place to live. Duh. Something about having a roof over our heads is kind of a big deal! We know this is the right choice for our family. This school has just been at the fore-front every step of the way...and not by our doing. We actually saved it for last...and they always got back to us first! There are plenty of homes in the area for us to either rent or buy. The school itself is great! There is still a large LDS community, which will be good for me. Hopefully, I won't end up on bed rest and won't NEED the ward as much as I think. Our old ward was great last time I did bed rest and I can only pray that our new ward is willing to help us out if we need it! It all just feels right and I am actually...EXCITED! I can't wait for this next phase in our lives! We're grateful for a Heavenly Father who leads us on the right path!

(And I'd be REALLY grateful if Will would take his nap already!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So, Will uses my name. ALL THE TIME! It's seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard in my whole life.

Here is an example of Will:

Will:"Mom? Cookie?"
Me:"No, Will, we aren't going to have any cookies."
W:"Mom? Choco?"(Chocolate)
M:"No, Will, no chocolate right now. Maybe after lunch."
W:"Mom? Orange?"
M:"Will, we're going to have lunch in an hour. Just wait, ok?"

Five minutes elapse...
W:"Mom? Nusnack?" (Fruit snacks. I bought some super yummy ones and I think he is addicted.)
M:"Will, no more food right now. Ok?"
W:"Ok, Mom? Apple?"
M:"Hey, Will, let's start making lunch!"

So, he does this ALL the time. Multiple times a day. I love it! Tonight, I was sitting with Andy, asking him if he would take out the garbage and help me with the recycle bins when Will walks up and says:

"Mom? Cookie? Choco? Orange? Apple?"

He didn't even wait for me to say "No, not right now." He just went through the list of things he loves to eat! It was the funniest thing ever! Andy and I were just dying, we were laughing SO hard! I love this kid and I can't get enough of him!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Update!

Today I FINALLY got to see our new little munchkin! Everything is looking great! The baby has a nice strong heartbeat and was full of the wiggles! Dr. Lamb (I know, it's such a coincidence that his name is Lamb. And he delivers babies...) had a hard time getting a good shot because it kept moving! Andy couldn't get off work, so I went alone. My doctor had another patient in LABOR, so he had to leave in the middle of my appointment to make some phone calls.

We talked about my high risk state. Because I had Will early, for no real reason, I get to be put in the high risk category. Joy. They have these really amazing shots, called Progesterone. You go into the office once a week for weeks 17-37 and they give you this shot in the stomach. These shots have a great success rate as far as preventing pre-term labor. I am the perfect candidate for these shots because I pretty much went into labor for no known reason. The only problem with these shots is the patent for them has been purchased by a company who is charging $1,500 PER SHOT. And you get TWENTY SHOTS. Obviously, that is NOT affordable. It comes out to about $30,000. That is almost 6 times the price of delivery. If I can't get these shots, there are obviously other options, but none as successful as these shots. There are some pills I could take. Realistically, if I can't have these shots, I am looking at starting bed rest in JULY. Yes, 3 months of bed rest. With a two year old. In a new town. So, if you pray, please pray that these shots will be affordable and I will not have to go on three months of bed rest.

So, baby #2 is healthy and active and we couldn't be happier! Next month, I see Dr. Lamb and a high-risk specialist who will talk with me more about my options. Hopefully they give me good news!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What was I supposed to be doing?!

This pregnancy has been very different from my first. I don't know if it is because I already have one child, or what, but it is something totally new for me. Some of the biggest differences are how tired I really am, many foods do not sound appetizing to me, I can only eat very small meals at a time or I feel sick the rest of the day. Although I haven't been physically sick in about 3 weeks, I was violently ill for a while there and still get a weak stomach on a daily basis. My dreams have also been much more vivid and...CRAZY this time around.

All of those are much different, but the biggest change is my memory. I can't remember anything. My brain feels like mush. I really feel like Chef Anne Burrell has taken my brain, put it in her beloved food mill, and food milled my brain. Then, she took said brain and put it back in my skull.

Here are some examples of my loss of short term memory:

When Andy had to go to to Florida for his interview, I had to pick him up from school. He had called me earlier in the morning to tell me that he would need to go to Smith's and pick up some things for his stay and he needed to go to the UPS store to send something back to amazon.com. That was fine. So, I picked Andy up and took him to the UPS store. As we were leaving, I was pulling out of the parking lot, turning right. I should have been turning left. Andy didn't say anything. We get to the street our house is on and he says "You're turning right?" Um, yes, I am. Thanks for noticing my blinker..."Where are you going?" Why, I am going home, to drop you off and go to WinCo. "Don't you remember? I have to go to Smith's?" WHAT!? No, I didn't remember. Why didn't you say something when I turned right out of the parking lot instead of left? Of course, he thought I was going to the OTHER Smith's, which I never shop at because I don't like it. So, instead of turning to go home, I turned to go back the way I came. I was stopped at the first stop sign I came to...waiting for said stop sign to turn green.

In case you all didn't catch that, I waited for the stop SIGN to turn GREEN. I sat there for a good 5 minutes before I realized "This isn't a light...."

I should start making a list for my day. I constantly forget things at the store. I forget conversations I have had just the day before. I forget the keys to the office on a daily basis. ( Good thing I have a spare. Or my boss would hate me for calling her every time I lock myself out.)

Well, although I don't remember much, I do know Spring is coming! I am so excited for all the flowers and plants to come up! It will be a wonderful season and I plan to enjoy it with walks and days spent at the park!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We are in the 'terrible two's' stage of life with Will. I keep reminding myself of a psych class I took in which the professor told us that the more 'terrible' a toddler is, the better person they become as children, teens and adults. It means they know what they want, whether they know how to express that or not. It means they naturally question life. So, let's hope my professor was right, and Will ends up being the greatest mind on Earth. We've been going through some tough patches lately. First, there is the throwing yourself on the ground and screaming. If that doesn't work, there is the "NOO!!!!". Obviously, I don't talk to Will in that tone of voice...unless he resorts to number three, which is hitting.

It usually goes a little something like this:

Mom: "Will, please don't climb up there."

Will: "Shhh!" Continues to climb on the top of the sofa.

M: "William, I am going to count. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now, get down!"

W: Throws self onto the couch and begins to cry.

M: "Will, you don't need to cry. It's not safe on the top of the couch. You can jump on the cushion, but not on the top."

W: Continues crying.

M: Goes to pick Will up because he is so pitiful.

W: "NOOOO!" Raises hand back to strike.

M: Grabs hand. "NO! We don't hit. It's not nice!"


I post this scenario to introduce our evening last night.

I had just gotten off work and Will was standing, stark naked, with Andy. It was right after his bath and Andy was making sure he was all lotioned up because Will has dry skin just like Andy. I sat down on the floor next to them and Andy said "Will, tell Momma your new word." I looked at them and Andy had Will's hand, palm up, and said "Will, what are these?" I was a little confused and then Will said "Wrinkles!" I thought it was the cutest thing! He has what we like to call "old man hands". Once I had Will in his jams, he pointed at my glasses and said "Wusat? Eyes?" Yes, those are my eyes, now don't touch them! He then points to my chin, where I have a mole. It's almost flesh colored, so it surprised me that he noticed it. He points to it and said "Wusat?" I said "That's a mole." He says "Caca?!" Andy covered his face laughing, I swatted at him and Will says "Be nice!"

The moral of this story is this: Be the example you want for your kids, because they are watching you more closely then you realize!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Andy was accepted at Midwestern in Arizona! We are so excited! We still aren't sure if that is where we will end up, BUT we now have an option! Andy really liked the school, and believe it or not, Arizona has grown on me. I have had a good feeling about going there for a while. (Maybe it's because we could actually afford to live AND eat. Not one or the other...) Anyways, he just got back from his interview in Florida and he leaves on the 23rd for his interviews in Pennsylvania and Oregon. So, we shall see...our choices are still all over the place. It is so crazy that this time is actually here! We always talked about 'when we go to medical school....' and it always seemed to be YEARS away. But, HERE it is!


I just wanted to post some cute things Will does now:

1. He LOVES to jump on the bed. Or the chair. Or the couch. Basically, if he can bounce on it, he will jump on it.

2. My friend came by the house the other day while I was working. She brought her new baby Claire and her dog Bronco. Will loves dogs. When we were leaving Bronco, Will said "Bye Bye Bronco!" What?! Did you really just say Bronco? I only said his name once! It was so cute!

3. He is such an eater now. Every morning he eats his breakfast, then 30 minutes later he is asking for food. "Mama, manna, pleeeeese?" (Manna is banana, I am sure it tastes better then manna, although you would think it was from heaven the way he eats it!) "Mama? Nunch? Pleeeeeeeeeeese?" He's so fun to talk with now. I love it!

4. He loooooves to watch fish. We have a salt water tank here at the house, and when he comes out, he goes straight to the fish.

5. He always asks "Wusat?" He will point at something or bring it to me and ask "Wusat?" I love that he is exploring the world around him! It's so fun!