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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I said DOCTORRRRR, is there nothin I can take??

I love the Coconut song by Harry Nilsson. It's great!

Yesterday Andy and I went to the doctor's office. We met with the nurse and she just introduced us to the office, took family medical history, gave some vitamins to try and did lab tests. It was really exciting! So, you all know how I picked out my doctor right? Just random chance. His office answered when I called and so I made the appointment with him. WELL, we were reading the biography of Dr. Stephen Lamb, and I just about fell out of my seat. Andy's parents gave us this book when we got married. It's called "Between Husband and Wife". It's an LDS Doctors point of view on intimate relationships...we thought it was kinda funny to give us that. Guess what??

My doctor is the co-author of that book! Crazy huh? I guess I tested fate and so far, it's turned out pretty great! :)

When I was getting the blood tests done, I was doing my deep breathing, keeping my mind off the needle. I HATE needles! I pass out every time I get a shot or anything. I did good yesterday. I didn't pass out. I didn't watch though either. When the nurse was done, She had taken 5 huge vials of blood. I couldn't believe how much blood she'd taken! Now, I have this HUGE bruise on my arm. I look like I do drugs or something :( It is really big!

I go meet my famous doctor on Friday. AND we get to have a mini ultra sound done! I'm excited to see our baby for the first time :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just to catch up!

Well, I go to the doctor tomorrow! I'm nervous/excited :) I have no clue what they're gonna do! Andy's coming with me! He's taking finals right now and just has to take one this week and it was today :)

Just to catch everyone up, this week was CRAZY!!

First, the check engine light came on. We went to Auto Zone to check what it could be. It was something to do with the safety something or other. Basically, our car was saying we could go into drive without having the car on...but we couldn't. So, as we were driving home, the engine light went off. Ok...that was weird. Then the next day, I was leaving work to come home and the brakes started squealing. That's never good. I told Andy, and then he heard it as well. Thursday was Pioneer Day, so I didn't have work and Andy was out of school. He woke up early to start working on the car. He was going to change the breaks. We wanted to go see The Dark Knight (we could use our discount passes for a matinée) Andy said he'd be done by about 2. We'd be able to see a 230 show. Well, he couldn't get the bolts off the thingy to get the other thingy off..we had to take the scooter! It was fun, but let me tell you, it's much more bumpy then a car. Every time we went over a bump, it hurt my stomach. Hopefully it wasn't a bad thing to do for the baby. Friday, Andy drove me to work...on the scoot. I get off right at 6. So I told Andy "be here AT 6, please no later". He had someone from our ward come help him take the bolts off and by the time they were finished, it was already ten after 6. I called him, asked him if he'd forgotten me...he says, I'm leaving right now. I didn't forget, I just got the bolts out! I was excited! My excitement soon died when he told me there were 2 nails in one of my tires. We had to get those fixed. So, he had to take me to work again on Saturday. The car place found 2 nails and 3 screws in our 2 front tires! I have to drive through construction zones everyday to get to my second job...it's a bummer. BUT, we did get the car fixed :) it drives like a beaut now!

I have to include SOMETHING about The Dark Knight.
Let me say, it is the BEST Batman movie I have ever seen. Everything about that movie is top notch. The acting is incredible. Yeah, it was dark...but not the kind of dark lots of people were saying it is. I guess people just forget, it's a comic book movie. It's not real. But it is by far the best Batman movie there is. I don't know HOW they'll top this one with the next movie. I wonder which villain they'll have in the next movie. Penguin? Maybe the Ice Man? I never really liked that villain...he was kind of a dumb one. Who knows though. I can't wait for the next one though. We'll own the first two for sure :) Andy and I watched this show on the discovery channel. It was about whether or not the technology in Batman could be used in real life. Do you know, most of the technology can be used in real life? Even the wings? Pretty sick, huh? And they are trying to create some of the things Batman uses in his movies to be used in real life...who knows, maybe we'll one day have a real live Batman :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Icky Ticky

So, I've been kinda sick the past few days. Maybe it's just stress. Who knows. I bet the fact that no matter how long I sleep, I can't get enough sleep has something to do with it as well.

Last night, Andy and I went to see a special viewing of The Rocker. It's a new movie starring Dwight from "The Office". Let me just say, it was so funny :) It is supposed to come out at the end of the summer! So go see it!

I go to the doctor next week (finally)!! I had no clue which doctor to choose, but I knew where I want to have the baby. So, I just went to the physician referral on the web page and started calling. Do you know, most doctors have their office closed for like TWO hours during lunch? Yeah, sick, I know. I called about 5 places before I had anyone answer. The first person to answer was who I made an appointment with. Process of elimination I guess huh? Or more like testing fate. Anywho, the nurse I spoke with was very kind. She even told me what kind of Medicaid to choose when the time comes. That was very helpful :)

I've been going crazy. I finished my last book I was reading, A Fiery Cross, on Thursday. And I went to the library on Friday and they didn't have the next book in the series! I had to put it on hold :( I don't like to mix series, so I've been reading one of the other books in the series until I can get the next one, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. It's driving me wacko!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Studio Restrictions

Today is Andy's 24th birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday! We celebrated a little earlier and went to dinner with some friends at a Brazilian cafe, Centro Do Brazil. We had some really great Brazilian food. And.....Guarana!! MMMMM....Delicious! Then we were going to go see the Dark Knight on Saturday night. Andy's mom bought him 4 movie tickets so we could go on a couple dates and not go broke! Sweet, sweet mom! Well, they are the discount movie tickets, you know, the green tickets you take and exchange for real ones? Welllll, we went on Friday to exchange them for tickets for a Saturday night show. Cause I work on Saturdays. Well, did you know, the studio's put a restriction on using gift cards in the first 2 weeks of a new release?? It's true, they do. And so, we didn't get to see the Dark Knight. Andy said maybe it was because they want to get an accurate amount for the box office. Which, if that is true...it's stupid. Do you know the Dark Knight made 66.5 MILLION dollars on FRIDAY alone?? It beat the record of 70 MILLION for an opening weekend in ONE day! So, needless to say, I'm a little bummed we didn't get to go see it this weekend, but it will still be the same movie in 2 weeks as it was last night. and the night before that. and the one before that too.

it's a good thing we didn't get the tickets though...i've had a stomach bug. No, it's not morning sickness, it is a real stomach bug.

and now my baby looks like a real baby...no more parasite for me :)

And i'm making an appointment with a doctor , today...do I know which one yet? No, I'm just going to pick one...figure it's still early enough, I can get a different one if I have to.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vivid Dreams

Lately, I have been having very vivid dreams. Usually they tend to be my own version of something we have watched earlier in the day and I dream about it. I've been dreaming about Planet Earth, as if I am one of the filmers of the show. I have dreamed I was in the movie "Glory". It about the black regiment during the Civil War. They all tend to be about something I have actually seen with my own eyes. But I have noticed, as I think more and more, remembering more and more what I dream about that I have mostly been dreaming about this series of books I have been reading. It doesn't make much sense to me because, well, I can't actually see, on a screen, what is going on the story...but then again I can see what is going on the story.

Most people who know me, know I LOVE to read. It is one of my favorite things to do. And, as most of you know me, if I am reading a series, I will not pick up a different type of book until I am finished with the whole series. Example, Harry Potter, One book came out every year for seven years, right? Well, when the first one came out, I read it over and over until the second one came out. When the second one came out, I read it and the first one, over and over, and so on and so on, until the 7th and final book was released. I read a few books after that, which we not part of a series. Then, my wonderful mother, who loves to read as well, introduced me to the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. She is a former zoologist/biologist who just wanted to see if she could write a book. One would think she would write about animals, right? Wrong. She writes historical fiction!!!

I bet you're thinking, someone who used to work with animals and such can not write a novel, let alone several novels about history, AND add their own story to it.

Well, my friends, it IS possible.

I'll tell you a little bit about the story line.

Outlander begins right after World War II, in England. Claire Randall is a young woman who is finally reunited with her husband after 6 years. They were married 6 weeks before the out break of the war in England. Her husband, Frank, was called as a captain and she went off to be a field nurse. After the war, they decide to take a second honeymoon to Inverness, Scotland. Inverness is located in the highland part of Scotland. Frank is a professor of history at Oxford and he is very much interested in the period of The Stewart Rising of 1745, when the Stewart's tried to overthrow the English monarchy in Scotland. He is most interested because his 6 times great grandfather was the Famous Black Jack Randall, a ruthless man who fought on the side of the English. Frank spends most of his time researching in Scotland. Claire, well, she could care less about stupid history. She is more interested in plants. What uses different herbs have for healing the body. So, while her husband spends all his time locked up in the archives, she spends most of her time wondering around town, and in the hillsides, looking for different plants. She comes to a Stone Circle. Stone Circles are believed to have magical powers, especially by those who still practice paganism. But, Claire, she's a Catholic, and she doesn't believe in that kind of stuff....a lot. She steers clear of going into the circle, but is drawn to a particular stone, which has a cleft in, it's really just split down the middle, large enough to fit a woman through. Right on the other side of the stone, Claire sees a plant which is most interesting. Being drawn to this plant, she steps through the split stone. Suddenly, she hears noises which remind her of death, everything goes black. She wakes, suddenly to be in the dark and feeling rain drops on her face. She stands, shakes herself off and begins to walk in the direction of her hotel. The only problem is, she can not seem to find the road. It has just disappeared. Then, she's grabbed from behind! Whipped around, to see none other then Frank...or so she thought. There was something a little different about him. Mainly, he was wearing an English uniform, from the mid 1700's. She thinks he's taken this Black Jack Randall thing a little too far. Before she can speak, Frank beings questioning her. But instead of asking what has happened, he asks who she is, what she is doing. She suddenly realizes she is NOT in her own time, but she must be dreaming. The way he was jerking her around felt all too real though. He starts calling her a witch. He ties her hands around her back and takes her with him. Then, out of nowhere, she hears these yells and calls, like Indians or something. Red cloth in her face, then Black Jack Randall falls to the ground. She is carried by some man, wearing a red kilt, with the reddest hair she had ever seen, to a cabin. She learns his name is Jamie Fraser. He saved her from Randall because he was going to have her tried as a witch and burned at the stake. She doesn't believe this a tries to get away...or wake up. They pretty much kidnap her, but it's for her own good. The English are searching the highlands for her. Jamie and his friends come up with a plan, Jamie will marry Claire and then, the English will have no way of arresting her. If you are not Scottish, and you marry a Scot, you then become Scottish yourself. She is very much against this. But she does it because she sees no way out...yet, but she will escape back to Frank somehow. Soon, she realizes she may never make it back to Frank and begins falling in love with Jamie.

The series is a love story, obviously, but is also a history lesson. With more then just love involved. It is the story about Jamie and Claire Fraser and all their adventures. They go to France, England. Claire goes back to her time...you'll have to read it to find out why she goes back. After 20 years, Claire goes back in time to try to find her one true love. They encounter pirates, witches, and eventually wind up in the Colonies right before the Revolutionary War.

So, I have been dreaming of this. I dream that I am apart of the story, that somehow Jamie and Claire know me and we are friends. I get to go on all their adventures with them. I am on the fifth book in the series, there is one more which is already out and another one to be coming soon. I have not read another book while I have been reading this series, I just keep reading the books over and over again. Every time I read them, I find something new. I catch something I didn't catch the first time, or the fifth time for that matter. They are such amazing books!

I HIGHLY recommend them for everyone! They are long. Each one is about 1000 pages or more. But they are so great! They are so descriptive and make you feel as though you are watching everything they are going through. They are just really great books! So, if you are looking for a great read, go to your library, get Outlander and enjoy!

And just so everyone knows...I read these books before I met Andy, and I thought he was lying when he said his last name was Fraser because I was telling him about these books and how I have a HUGE crush on Jamie Fraser. He showed me his license and everything...I still thought he was lying...hahahaha

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Your Baby

Andy and I were officially approved for Baby Your Baby today! It's a program that is going to pay for all my doctors visits until we can find out whether we've been approved for Medicade. I am really glad because I don't have health insurance so this is going to help us TREMENDOUSLY! I guess sometimes it pays to be poor, in love, starting a family. It really is a great blessing for us. Cause we weren't sure what we were going to do if we didn't get approved. Having a child costs way more then we can even imagine affording right now! So, now I need to figure out what kind of Doctor I want. I would really like to do natural childbirth, but I don't want to use a midwife. What I was thinking was more of a General Physician. One that can deliver our baby and also be our pediatrician. An OB seems to me to have an attitude of "I know all, you'll deliver this baby how I say." Whereas a midwife is more of "tell me what you want and we'll do that." With no medical advice really. I feel like a GP would be a good middle ground. You know, "ok, this is what you want to do? Here's my medical opinion. We'll have a back up plan if we need one type thing." I want to be including, but not completely in charge. I mean, what do I know about birthin babies?? Right? What do you guys think??

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th Ya'll!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Forth of July! I know we did! I didn't have to work :) so that was a major plus right there! Andy and I slept in until 1030!! Can you believe that?? It was so amazingly nice! We had a really great breakfast! Eggs, bacon, fruit and berry shakes that were to die for! After that, we went to Target. See, none of my clothes fit as comfortably anymore. And I'm all about comfort. So we went and bought me a couple shirts and come gouchos. If you don't own any of those, I highly suggest you get some! They are so great! Andy kept saying "You're so lucky you're the pregnant one." I said "Oh, really now?" He said "Yeah, you get to buy all new clothes!" It was so funny! After that we went to see Get Smart! We usually go to the dollar movie which is kind of gross, you know? It was the first time we'd gone to see a new release since we got married...we did see Indiana Jones, but that was free. It is SUCH a good movie! It's so funny! And, get this, it's CLEAN! It was such a good movie, I'm glad we went to see it. After that, we had to go but some buns and stuff for the family cook out we had. It was so fun! We did BBQ sandwiches and tons of sides! A prego girls dream, that's for sure! After that we did fireworks in the cul-de-sac. It was so fun! For the grand finale, we were gonna do all the biggest ones last, all at once. So, to help the boys out, Cassie and I helped them light all the fireworks. We were all huddled around the lighter, putting our wicks up to the flame and mine was not lighting. Then, all of a sudden, Cassie lit and it totally exploded in my face! I've never run so fast before! The dumb thing, I thought it was mine that had lit in my face and I ran off with it! So it's a good thing it wasn't! So, our Forth was relaxed and Fun! And tonight, we're going to eat dinner with Brett and Larysa! I'm pretty excited :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Ticker

So, I guess you could say I am pretty excited about having a baby! I added this "baby ticker" thing...(thanks laura) and I was looking on some of my friends who have it too. That's when I realized my cute little baby in my belly looks like an alien compared to all these pregger ladies who have cute little babies in their bellies. But, never fear, I am not that upset, cause mines just a little bit younger then the rest of you ladies. I do think it is so cool that you can track what your baby looks like, and not even have to get an ultrasound to get an idea! Andy and I are going to apply for the Baby You Baby program since I don't have health insurance. Once we do that, I'll be able to go to my first doctors' appointment :) I can't wait for that day!
The job Andy was going to do with the Medicade people didn't work out. They want him to travel, which is something he just can't do since he's in school all year long. So, we've been trying to find him a part time job that will be flexible with his schedule. I hope it's soon. With the Medicade job I was going to be able to quit one of my jobs so I can get some rest and not be so stressed out. Before Andy and I were married, actually, before he even proposed, we each listened to a CD called "How Will I know?" by S. Michael Wilcox. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you are ALREADY married. It points out things to you, which you may not realize or that you have forgotten. One of the things he says in the talk is about how being married is totally different for men and women. For men, it is this huge weight put on their shoulders. It means having to provide for a family and to be, you know, "the man". It can seem like a burden almost. For women, it is this sense of relief. There, finally, is someone who is going to take care of me! Someone to provide for me! Well, I will say, that has never meant so much to me as it does now. Andy hasn't been able to work these last two months, and it is weighing in big time. I know he wants to and he does all he can and he is so great, but I will say, I'm glad he's him and I'm me. I know we take on our own weight. But I like having someone who provides for me! my sister-in-law Meradith says that men feel most accomplished with the things the can do outside the home to provide for his family. Women feel most accomplished with the things they do IN the home to provide for the family. So, in a sense, we've switched places. And I am excited for the day when we can switch back! I'm not saying anything bad, I'm not complaining. I guess I'm just pointing out that The Proclamation to the World on the Family is true. It is right. It says all that same stuff right there. Our roles are in our nature for a reason. We are each responsible for different things, and when we have to switch those roles for any reason, it just feels funky!!

On a different note...(I'm very chatty today!!) Andy and I really love to get shows on dvd and watch them straight through. First, there was House. We watched season 1. It was great...but we don't want to buy season 2 just yet. So, Andy's sister, Becky has Planet Earth! It's that show they had on the Discovery Channel. It's so good! Last night we watched Ocean Deep. It showed all the different land and animals in the ocean. So what I was saying earlier about my baby looking like an alien of some sort, well, the funky animals that live in the ocean really to look like aliens! There are some that light up and some that use a puffer type thing and swim backwards...with NO FINS! There is this type of squid that lives in the bottom of the ocean, no it's not the giant squid, it's called Vampirus Toothus. It's the Vampire Squid from Hell. This thing is CRAZY! On it's tentacles it has these spike things. The worst part is, when it gets mad, it's eyes glow! and then it'll spread its tentacles and the tips of all of them light up too! It's so insane and if you don't believe me, google it! It's so insane! I just couldn't even believe it! Needless to say, I DO NOT think my baby looks like the Vampire Squid from Hell!