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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post #100...Privatize

Because I watch too much TV (Law & Order...CSI) and I love my family, we are going PRIVATE.

Leave your e-mail and you'll be added.

We'll be going private on August 20th. That's three weeks away and PLENTY of time for you to leave your e-mail!

Monday, July 27, 2009

6 Months and a NEW cousin

Will is now 6 months old! I can't even believe it. He is just so BIG now...and if you don't believe me, I have some comparison pictures of Will and his cousins, Kenadie and Melanie.

Will is now a major pro at rolling over and spinning around. I just lay him on the floor and let him roll, pretty much until he hits a road block, then I just have him start over again. He loves it! He really loves to play outside, and I mean, who wouldn't, especially when there are no road blocks to hit when rolling? He now eats "big boy" food! So far he eats peaches, bananas, squash and prunes. This week I am going to go to the Sunflower Market to get some fresh, organic fruits and veggies to make Will some baby food. I have been making all his baby food, and it is SUCH a stress reliever. I have bought some baby food for Will, just he prunes...he was constipated. But, I have a HARD time buying baby food. I know the labels SAY it's just the fruit or veggie and water...but how can I REALLY know that? Plus, it's WAY cheaper to just make it myself. I mean, I wouldn't eat the baby food out of the jar, how can I expect Will to do the same? It is really easy and really fun! I use this site for all the information I need: www.wholesomebabyfood.com. Go to it and check it out!

Will still doesn't sit up on his own! We practice everyday, but he just flops over! By the looks of it, this kid will be crawling before he sits up :(

He still gets swaddled for naps and bedtime...we are TRYING to wean him of it...TRYING. We were using a Kiddopotomus Swaddle Me blanket. I highly recommend it. It velcros and really helped us when Will was colicy. But, he is no longer crying all the time, and he goes to bed and stays asleep...so I feel it is time to break this habit. We tried the one arm out thing...it didn't work as well as I would have hoped. So, we are now using blankets. We wrap them a little bit more loosely then we normally would. But, he's started rolling over in his swaddle, and that is just a hazzard! I am going to try at nap times to just not swaddle him...we'll see how that goes. Sometimes I think I should have not swaddled him, but I think it is a more active baby because from early on, he and I were getting enough sleep at night time. So, I will swaddle the rest of our kids...as long as they will have it :)

Andy's birthday was on the 21st. We were going to go to the canyons to roast hot dogs and make s'mores with our friends the Davey's. It didn't end up working out though. So, on the 22nd we went to the Outdoor Expo and Hires. YUM! We gots lots of freebies from the Expo. T-shirts, this awesome water bottle and these way cool wool socks called Wigwam socks! They are freakin amazing! Tonight we have an Edvalson Cousins Party with Andy's Edvalson cousins, tomorrow we have swimming with the Barnes' and FINALLY roasting hot dogs and s'mores in the canyons!

Sorry this post was SO long!

But here are my pictures. The oldest is Will, then there is Kenadie, and lastly there is Melanie. They are all with their mommies...the oldest Mom has the youngest baby, that my sis in law Becky, the middle Mom has the middle baby, that is my sis in law Cassie and lastly, the youngest Mom has the oldest baby, and that is ME!

Here is Will, Kenz and Melanie. They are SO cute. But Will looks HUGE!

1...2...3....K, Kenz, lets roll on Mel, give her a proper welcome!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Saddens Me...

...that SO many people in the world are hypocrites. Why is it that people what to do whatever they want, be whoever they want, act however they want and try to force their way and beliefs on others? I am very much the type of person who will not judge someone based on their lifestyle or way of thinking. But I am going to do that right now, because I can no longer hold my tongue. It makes me SICK that so many of the gay community are being SO DISRESPECTFUL to one particular group of people! People whom I belong to. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. Some of this group are doing "Kiss In's" in front of LDS Temples across the country. As you all know, The Church is against homosexuality...NOT homosexuals. We are against the LIFESTYLE, not the person. Now, I personally believe being gay is a CHOICE, although some will argue it is a disorder. It's up for debate, but I still believe what I believe. You don't see LDS members standing outside gay bars and protesting. I think there should be a line drawn between "protesting" and harrassing. Just because The Church hasn't bowed down and followed the world, We've chosen to stick to The Lords way. It's wrong that people, and it's not JUST gays, can feel good about the way they are treating a group of people. When Prop 8 happened, The Church didn't go around rallying for people to vote for it. They simply sent a letter to the stakes in California telling them to vote the way they think is best, the way in which they know to be in coordinance with God's Law. That was it.

I don't know. It just breaks my heart everyday, when I see things like this on the news. How people can go to sleep knowing how they have harrassed a religion, I do not know. Why does someone feel they need the approval of a religion they aren't even a part of?!?

Joseph Smith once said The Church will always be under persecution. I now know that to be true, because I have lived through it in my lifetime now.

I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS TRUE. I love it and it has brought so much happiness to my life, and no one can take that away from me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

*Naked Bum Alert*

My goalis to take more pictures of my family...and actually get them printed!

Who wouldn't want to have these memories?!?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying some Peace and Quite...

Will just finished screaming his poor little lungs out for about 30 minutes. Poor bugger. I can't bring myself to let him cry straight out. I know it works for some people (BECCA, if only I could ignore it as well as you do!) Last night was miserable. We went to do laundry at Andy's parents, like we do every Saturday. But, after that, we had a fun going away party for our good friends Justin and Erica and their studly boy Parley. They are moving to Iowa for Podiatry School, and we'll miss hanging out with them. It was at Murray Park, and it was stinking hot as EVER! We stripped Will down to a diaper and let him roll around in the grass. He loves the grass. Well, we were so busy having fun, we didn't get home until around 9 that night. Will pretty much put himself on a schedule, I helped a little, but it was mostly him. He likes to be in bed between 730-815ish. Yeah, I know. Lucky right? Since we didn't get home until about 9, he was NOT a happy camper. He cried the entire way home. Then, he was out like a light. Sounds awesome huh? It would be, except for he woke up every hour and a half for the REST of the night. Finally, at about 6, I had decided I was done. When he woke up again about 630, I make Andy go in there. I was BEAT! Andy tried to get him to sleep for about 30 minutes, and when he wouldn't, they went outside for a little bit. Of course, I couldn't sleep well while he screamed, so when they went outside, I joined them. We came in about 730, and Will slept from 730-1030. I guess he was catching up on all that lost sleep. He got grump again around 1230, and he crashed. I couldn't bring myself to wake him for Church at 1, so I took a nap as well and we went to Church for the last hour. I needed that nap. Will usually goes to bed so well, but tonight he struggled again. I think once we can get him used to staying on his schedule while we are OUT, things will get better for the poor guy. Now, I can't bring myself to just let him scream and scream, but I have gotten used to going in and calming him down. I don't go right away...but I do go in. It's so amazing to me how different methods work for different people. There are so many days where I wish I could just let Will cry and he would get the hang of it quickly. We tried that for about a week. He cried HARD the entire time we let him cry and as soon as I stopped caring, he started doing exactly what I wanted. He's a lot like me that way, he'll come around on his own time.

So, here I sit, blogging, because I actually have the time. Listening to my neighbors play their piano and sing "Nearer To Thee." It's so calming after trying so hard to not stress out with a crying baby. Wishing Andy didn't have to write a paper so I could just talk with him. Today we talked about how we would love to just live off the land. It all started when we picked some beans from our garden today. I never gardened as a child. We planted flowers in the front yard. I never thought I would have such a green thumb! We want to own a lot of land and grow our own fruits and vegetables. I would love to have a couple chickens and rooster, to have our own eggs, horses and I would LOVE IT! I will grow up to be one of those ladies with a big straw hat and overalls, working in my garden. For me, besides having kids..well, for me A kid...and a wonderful husband who I work and love daily, there is no greater satisfaction then seeing the fruits of our labors and eating our own grown foods!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So, last night, we had our good friends Nate and Becca over for popcorn and a movie. Andy had a bad day the other day, so to cheer him up, I rented a movie for us to watch. I rented the new movie "Knowing". I was kinda surprised by how it turned out! I enjoyed it, although my friend Becca will tell you it wasn't that good....at least it ended up being bad in the end. :) Love you Becca! So, anyways, it ended up being QUITE the interesting movie including lots of references to lots of peoples beliefs of the end of the world. Including the 144,000...so, I say, it was good. I enjoyed it. And it kept me on the edge of my seat, and hiding my head under the covers at some parts!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A babies gotta eat!

And apparently, mine wants to use his teeth.

No, Will does not have teeth...yet. But I am pretty certain he is getting ready to have them emerge and grace me with all their glory. (Ah, breastfeeding. Maybe it won't be that bad...) The boy drools like NO ONES business! He chews on anything and everything he can get his little paws on. I swear, if he could fit the entire binkie in his trap, he would. And he would love it.

Today, he started randomly screaming. And I'm not talking just the "Oh, my life is horrible! Won't someone change my bum?!" cry. I'm talking full blown, red faced, "TAKE A BREATH!" crying.

Let's just say, I'm not a fan.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello All! I just wanted to post a little about our fun vacation we had in Georgia this past week. We left on Thursday July 2nd around 4pm...making us arrive back east at 11pm...bad idea. Apparently, Will adjusted to the time change mid-flight and was ready for bed by the time we got off the plane. My mom and David picked us up, and we got in the truck to head home. Only, we sat in traffic for about 30 minutes. Only in Atlanta could you get stuck in traffic at 11:30 at night. Surprisingly, Will did really well in the traffic. As soon as the car started moving, he screamed. So, we stopped at The Varsity in Gwinnett to feed the little bugger and change his bum, when the cops showed up. Don't worry, he was just checking to see if everything was ok, seeing as we were in a vacant Varsity parking lot. Friday morning, we took our sweet time waking up. (it was a LONG night) In Georgia, they have this restruant called Zaxby's. They sell chicken and wings and all sorts of yummy goodness. Since they don't have them here at home, we HAVE to have it everytime we go there. Big Andy, me, Will, Bubba and little Andy went to eat at Zaxby's before we all got hair cuts. It was SO good. I can still taste it in my mouth. We all got hair cuts. Then it was time to head to the pool. In GA, just about ALL the neighborhoods have pools and tennis courts. Wow, what a concept, huh? My dad's neighborhood has the best kinda pool, too. It's all salt water based, so you don't have to destroy your skin in the chlorine. I was so excited! I am a pool rat for sure. We had lots of fun wrestling with my brothers. It was great. Then we had burgers for dinner and went to Starbucks to get coffee. Andy and I got shakes. Then, we pulled off the side of the road and watched an awesome fireworks show. Saturday was the 4th, so we spent the day at the pool with my dad, had hotdogs for lunch, then went to my mom's for the night. We had yummy steak and watched Big Andy and Bubba do the fireworks. I also got to take a ride on David's motorcycle. He drives a Harley. Andy and I will get one of those one day :) Sunday, we woke up early to head to Mt. Holly, NC. We went to visit my Aunts and Uncles there AND most importantly, my Mamaw. She's my great-grandma! That means, at this very moment, there are FIVE generations of Mullis' living on the earth. She's got Alizhiemers, so she doesn't really remember anything, but boy is she funny. You guys should have seen her when she went to give Andy a hug. She loves him! Monday, we saw my grandparents on my dad's side. Went to the pool and had Jumbalia. My step-mom, Angela is from Baton Rouge. So, she has a cool accent and makes jumbalia. We also had family pictures with my mom. Ms. Deborah took them and they turned out SO cute. Will is like a baby model! It was so fun! Andy had to go home that night :( My dad took him to The Varsity (he really wanted to eat it, but when we went the night we got there, it was closed) and then he was back home to work and school. I did surprisingly well without him...although I missed him a lot! Tuesday was rainy, so we went to the mall and then to dinner at my grandma smith's. She made chicken pot pie. YUM! Wedsnday we hung out with my mom and then went to dinner and the park in Suwanee. SO FUN! Thursday, I had to leave and while it was sad, I was ready to be home and Will was REALLY ready to be home.

So, here we sit, watching Mike and Juliet, and will is playing in his exersaucer. We're tan and look great. And we're just gonna relax today. At least, until we go see Andy's parents tonight. They just got back from Europe and I can't wait to see them!

Sorry for the long post, and if you've read this far, you must really love me :)