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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where will this baby be born?!

That's right everyone, we're having baby #2! Due October 7th! It works out perfect because we will be settled...wherever we go! This baby could be born in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania or Oregon! I have felt pretty great...scratch that, I feel like poo. Don't come to my house, you'll think I am a complete slob. I know Andy does. But it's not my fault. I am sick ALL the time! I go from feeling like I am going to loose all my breakfast to feeling like I haven't had any food since last Monday. Don't ask me what I want to eat, because everything sounds gross to me.

But hey, that's alright. This is the first and only post I will be complaining about this little life inside of me! Andy wants another boy...but my gut tells me it's a girl. (Could be because I wasn't even close to being this sick with Will....)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am trying to be better about posting on here. I know, I know, I am HORRIBLE at posting pictures. BUT, at least you're all getting a little something! This past week has been pretty crazy! Andy had to work the past two Sunday's, so I was at church solo, with Will. Who thought it was cool to be crazy. To which I replied that it wasn't, and we spent sacrament in the mother's room with the speakers on. Will couldn't play with toys or eat any snacks. I'm such a mean mom! Andy and I both had work Sun-Wednesday.

We woke up "early" on Thursday. By early, I mean we got up around 730, and finished packing so we could go to Arizona! It was just the two of us, but Will was staying with his cousins, so we still had to pack his stuff. We dropped Will off around 1030 am. Only about an hour and a half later then we wanted to, but hey, who cares? We finally hit the road about 11. We took the scenic route, and drove down through Kanab and Lake Powell. We stopped off at Glen Canyon Dam and took some pictures. Standing on the bridge above the dam was NOT really my idea of fun. Every time a car drove by, the bridge would shake. I fear in my old age, I am becoming quite the "sissy". We hit the road again. We drove down through Page, AZ. It's pretty much reservation country, there is a whole lot of nothing and some mountains. It's quite gorgeous, which is shocking coming from me! When night came on, it was fitting for the moon to be big, bright and FULL. All we needed was to hear the coyotes (You man say it "Ky-o-tee" or Ky-yote", depending on where you are from. Just know, they are the same animal. I had to finally ask the difference before I realized it was the same animal!) We made it to our friends' house around 10-1030ish, which is making very good time. Andy had to wake up early and be to Midwestern University by 7:45 am. I slept in. Well, not really, but I tried. Andy had his interview and I hung out with Lisa and Lauren. We went to the outlets and did some window shopping, though I was tempted to by a gardening book for 6 bucks. We then went home when the boys got home. Andy said his interview went well. He really likes the campus and the school does really well on the board exams and such. He was told that it will be really hard on his wife and family because he will spend any and all time he can IN school, STUDYING. We figure this can't be much different then the life we already live, we just won't be tied down to a job! We will figure out a way to spend some time together once he is in school. Lots of families go to the campus and have lunch or dinner with Dad, so I see that being a possibility. We will just have to see how it goes. We all took a 30 min 'cat-nap', then went on "a walk, down a trail". I say this in quotes because it was anything BUT a walk and it was most definitely not just a trail. It ended up being some pretty steep hiking and a lot longer then we thought it would be. But, the view from the top was amazing! We could see the whole valley of Phoenix pretty well. We went to eat at this mexican restaurant, which seemed pretty sketch at first, but ended up having pretty great food. We went home and watch Despicable Me. It's pretty funny. We all crashed about 930. Lame, I know. Saturday we got on the road around 8am and drove back home. We hit snow in Flagstaff, and again in between Lake Powell and Kanab. The snow in Kanab was pretty bad, we were only driving about 25-30 mph. We finally got home around 8.

It was a lot of fun, and a wirl-wind trip, that is for sure. We missed Will a ton, and were glad to be back home together again! Andy still has three more interviews, but I won't be going with him on those ones. He has one in Florida on March 1, one in Lake Erie, PA on March 25, and this is the kicker, he has one on March 26th on Lebanon, OR! He's going to fly from SL to Lake Erie on the 24th, then on the 25th after his interview at LECOM, he'll fly from Lake Erie to Portland, drive to Lebanon, interview on the 26th, then fly home on the 27th out of Portland again. OYE VEY! He's wonderful and we are so proud to call him hot hubby and Daddy!