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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Howday Yall

So, I decided to start us up on one of these....everyone tells me it's all the rage, so I just had to find out for myself!

Well, For starters, a little bit about us, I'm Mycah, 20, and married to the most amazingly awesome man of my dreams, Andy. He's 23. 24 in July...he's getting ollllld! But iz ok.
We've been married since March 15th of this year. Currently living in Taylorsville, Utah with Andy's awesome parents! We'll be moving to U of U student housing in August...which I am super excited about! All I can think about is the super cute stuff to put in our new place! It'll be great!

Andy's in school right now, he's a History Major with a Business minor, going the pre-med route. I'm married to a man who will know about everything even more then he does now! He is in the process of working with a health insurance supplement company. We're just waiting on the ball to get rolling on that. In the mean time, he does a lot of studying for Chemisty which he's taking this summer.

I work at Taffy Town, selling the world's best taffy to, none else then the world! I also work at a Bariatric Support Center. I handle shipping and membership info. I get an office with a desk and a window. It's a pretty sweet deal! Although, I'd rather be at home cooking or something else...

We're a pretty goofy couple. We love to laugh and Andy loves my snort. We just bought a scooter. It's a Genuine Scooter, Buddy model. It's red and cream...which i'm not a big fan of, but I got to pick out the shower curtain...haha We really enjoy just being together and hanging out with our family and friends!

Being married to Andy is the best thing I could have asked for in this life! I am one lucky girl!!