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Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't Wait For Summer!

Please say hello to our new toy! This is the new tent we will be getting by Nemo!

Ever since I moved to Utah, I have been so thrilled about all the outdoor things to do. We just haven't been able to do any of them yet. This tax season we were blessed with a nice fat return. While we used the majority of it to put in savings and to pay off some student loans, we used a small chunk of it to buy camping gear! Working here at RMH, we will actually have weekends to do things! When we were first married, I worked Saturdays, then I didn't and Andy did, then neither of us did, but we had to go to my in-laws to do laundry and the only day we had was Saturday. NOW, we get to go play from 9am on Fridays until 5pm on Saturdays. We have a HUGE list of things we are going to do this summer. And all of the places we are going require camping! I just can't wait! I am so excited to finally go see places like Moab (and not be driving through in a blizzard) and St. George, Northern Utah and just everything we have planned! We're gonna teach Will how to fish and let him be free range. (Andy thinks we should take our pack n play with us so Will doesn't wander too much...I am of the belief that we just need to teach him boundaries, not just keep him caged. Plus, who REALLY wants to drag a pack n play in the woods? I'd rather not. They did it back in the old days and kids turned out just fine.) We are really excited for all the new adventures headed our way. And we are really, REALLY excited for some warm weather!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been weeks since this started...

Remember how Will has been sick? Well, on Monday, we took him to the doctor and he was put on a new antibiotic, Omicef. Tuesday, he had a little bit of a rash on his chest. I thought it was just from putting Vicks on his chest at night. Wednesday, it had spread to his neck and face and his chest and stomach were both covered in little red dots. I thought for sure it was an allergic reaction to the medicine. We didn't give him his dose that morning and called the doctor...yet again! We went in that afternoon and Dr. Kelly took a look at him. Just a quick glace and said "Oh, yeah, this is the second case I have seen of this rash this week. It's not the medicine, it's called Roseola." Whooty, whatty? So, Will had roseola. If you don't know what that is, it's like the chicken pox, just not nearly as bad. I was so glad to FINALLY have a diagnosis! It explains the red, goopy eyes, the loss of appetite, the fever of 102.6. The only reason we didn't know before was because you don't know you have it until the rash occurs. Awesome. We felt sad Will wouldn't ever get the chicken pox, but I guess he got the next best thing. (We both had the chicken pox as kids, and wanted to see our little man with spots!) He's still on the antibiotic for the ear infections, but he's been in great moods and is slowly getting his appetite back!

In other really exciting news, Will is an official walker now. We didn't work with him really at all! He just started walking from couch to couch and eventually went to the chair, then the table then a few steps down the hall and now he's a walkin machine. It's sooo weird. He's an official toddler now! He's not a baby anymore :( Not only is he walking, but he is FINALLY starting to use some sign. He does "all done" and "eat" But, mostly he does "all done" we are working on "more" and "please" and "thank you". He also says "Hi, dad!" and "Hi mama" And if I put him in his chair with a snack and go to do the dishes and he is all out of snack and wants more, he says "MAAAAAM!" I love it, Mam! That's what I want my kids to call me, mama or mam! It's just SO cute!

Today is Saturday, Andy is at his MCAT class and I'm waiting to put Will down for a nap because I am tired. We stayed up and watched Braveheart(one of the greatest movies ever!), it didn't even start until stinking 9:45. So, we went to bed LATE! When Andy gets home, we are going to clean, clean, CLEAN! Then maybe go out to do something fun.

I am getting excited for Spring/Summer. It will be so fun this year! Taking Will with me to work in the garden, to the park and pool, on all our camping trips we have planned for the summer. Working here at the RMH, by the time Friday rolls around, we just want to get as far away from here as possible. We'll be getting our tent soon and we can't wait!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a FUN weekend!

This past weekend was great! Andy and I are NOT Valentine's people. We just both this it's a commercial holiday. "Go spend money on cards that say mushy love poems and candy for your wife who started her New Year's diet. That's the only way to show I Love You." And does anyone actually know the history of Valentine's Day? Go here. It's to celebrate the martyrdom of at least three Saints named Valentine. Do you know what happened on February 14, 1929? The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Awesome! Sounds soooooo loving right? But, it's really just this commercial holiday. If you only get lovey and mushy with your spouse or significant other or whatever once a year, then I am sorry for you.

So, this weekend we had a looooot of fun! Saturday we spent the day driving all over creation to buy a Wii! That's right. We broke down and got a Wii. And I LOVE IT! We have had SUCH a blast playing together! Andy is obsessed with sword fighting and I dominate at 3-point shooting. Sunday we spent the day at home, because YET AGAIN, Will is sick, sick, sick. Same stuff, different day. He had a fever of 102.6. We took him to the doctor on Monday and he's on a new antibiotic and eye drops. FUN! Oh...and I'll have to take him in AGAIN today because he is breaking out in a rash ALL OVER HIS BODY!

Monday, Andy had the day off! Happy Presidents Day! We kept our tradition of going to Moochies on all "small" holidays. Andy got the Philly Cheese Steak and I got the Reuben. Of Course. Our friends, Amy and Jeff, watched Will while we went to see Avatar! IN 3D! It was amazing! Seriously, it was the BEST movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Andy and I want to live on Pandora and be Na'vi. The story line is almost identical to Fern Gully though. I thought for sure James Cameron could come up with something a little better then stealing a story from a cartoon. It was still amazing though! If you have not seen it, GO SEE IT! It is WORTH IT!

Now, I must shower so I can take Will to the Doctor yet again. Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm just not one of those women

I have a wonderful family. I love Andy to death and he works so hard to provide for me and Will. Will is an amazing child. He's funny and cute and totally a mama's boy. I love it.

We are not perfect.

Sometimes, not often, I will search through different blogs of people I don't really know. I have discovered that a lot of mom's seem to brag about how perfect and amazing and problem-free their families are, everyday. Their kids are always cute and doing funny things.

They just live a perfect life.

Wouldn't that be nice?

I am just not one of those women.

Yeah, I usually see the glass half full. Usually.

I do not feel the need to shout at the rooftops about how wonderful every day is at my house. Because, being honest and real here, my house is not always wonderful every day. Sometimes I get annoyed with Will because all I really want to do is go to the bathroom by myself without either
a) waiting for Will to take a nap
b) listening to Will scratch and whine at the door

Sometimes, mine and Andy's common goal for the day? Going to bed before 1130 or midnight.

We don't always get along.

and sometimes we just want to be alone or have a night out with our friends

and that's okay.

we love each other more then words can describe.

That, in no way, means we are perfect.

So, when I come along those blogs, with perfect families and never-a-thing-wrong, I don't get all giddy and excited, I get annoyed and would rather listen to Will scratching and crying while I go to the bathroom. I enjoy blogs like Glamazon Mormon Mom. If you want a good laugh and you need that reassurance that, yes, it is ok that I laughed when my child fell down, you should check her out.

I love my family more then words can describe.

But, sometimes I just wanna pee and poop in peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, child!

We had Will's doctor appointment today. Poor bugger had 6 shots in his bum. That is no fun. He's such a trooper though. He cried while it happened, but as soon as it was done, he stopped crying. He did give the nurse evil eyes though. It was pretty funny. He's 30 inches long now. 17.3 pounds. STILL long and skinny. The doctor says he's fine though. Just skinny. I asked about his murmur, he listened for a good minute and didn't hear anything. He said sometimes when babies get sick they have what is called a flow murmur. Basically, there is extra fluid "flowing" around. I know I am not a doctor and all, but I still have quite an uneasy feeling about it. I'm not sure if it is because the doctor at the InstaCare was shocked about it, or my non-chalantness about it, or if maybe it's my mother's instinct telling me to have it looked at, and soon. I just worry that because the doctors at the NICU really wanted us to keep an eye on it. I mean, he is the most active child I know. He's really happy, never, EVER lethargic, everything seems fine. But, lots of kids seem just fine. And they aren't. The NICU cardiologist said it was big enough to possibly require surgery if it wasn't better by a year. I mean, it could just be smaller, and that's why our doctor doesn't hear it well, but I think I would just feel better having it checked out by a specialist.

I don't know. Any advice...and can you go have an echo done without a referral? Or should I voice these thoughts more loudly to our doctor? I just don't want it to be something that we could have fixed now and then later in life because it wasn't fixed, it causes problems.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It was easier then I thought!

Since before Will turned one, I have been wondering "How on earth am I gonna wean this child?" Well, my answer came in the form of a cold. Will's cold to be exact. The poor little man got a HORRIBLE cold last week. It started on Tuesday, just a little runny nose. By Wednesday night, we had a dripping faucet of snot, two red goopy eyes and a choice to run to the InstaCare. (I've had many an eye infection, the last thing I wanted for Will was to wake up and not be able to open his eyes.) We saw the doctor, the verdict? Horrible head cold, with double eye infection and on coming ear infection! I am glad we caught it just in the nick of time. He was put on amoxicillion right away, and by Thursday evening, we had only slightly red eyes. Still had an incredibly stuffy nose though. Try feeding your child when he can not breathe out of either side of his nose. The poor guy. Now, he wants nothing to do with me. It makes me kind of sad, but at least I am not struggling to wean him!

In other news, we go to his well child check up on Wednesday. When we saw the doctor last week, he noticed Will's heart murmur, which we were told was gone...So, I have a bone or two to pick with a Dr. Colin Kelly. I am going to go ahead and request an echo to have it checked out. It should have healed on it's own by now, if not, they may have to do a small surgery. Let's pray it doesn't come to that though.