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Friday, August 29, 2008


Started reading Eclipse yesterday :)

Andy has been coming home early every night that he is SUPPOSED to not be home until 930. It's my time when I curl up on the sofa, with my book, chips or something else to eat, a drink and loose myself in my fantasy world. Wednesday I was making dinner, well...Andy made the salsa chicken in the crock pot and I made the rice, getting very excited to get to indulge myself in my book when Andy came in the door. I swerved around and said "WHAT are YOU doing home? It's only 630!" He says to me "Well, why don't you answer your phone every now and then?" (I keep it on silent most of the day and never remember to turn it back) So I told him that. He then tells me the Bishop is coming over tonight. Yipee...I have a really hard time having people come over that I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who don't like home teachers or anything, but I hate being put in those awkward situations. Maybe after a few weeks I'd be alright having the bishop over...we've only been there one week. I said as much and then I proceeded to ask him how I'm supposed to get used to him being gone a lot if he always comes home early? He says "Isn't it a good thing I'm home?" I said "Well, of course. BUT, I was excited to have the house at a lower temperature(he's always cold...I like it cold....I'm guessing it's a pregnant thing cause I didn't used to be this way.) and to indulge myself in my fantasy world." He says...and I quote "Maybe you should join the real world every now and then" Uhhh! (in a high school girl, I know you didn't just say that kind of way) The real world is overrated.

So, at dinner, I just talked about the series the whole time. And I called Edward Cullen dreamy cause, well, he is! And I told Andy all about the story and why it's so good. So, once I'm finished with it, we're going to read it together :) cute huh?

On another note...John McCain picked a woman for his vice president...I think this will be an election to make history. What's sad is it's my first time to vote and I feel that there isn't anyone good to choose from. Neither candidate has made me just believe a word they say. Sad huh?

Ohhhh! Little Fraser has been kicking! I swear it's gotta be kicking! It's great :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Moon

Started New Moon last night!

I'm sure Andy thinks I'm crazy cause while I read these books I have this goofy look on my face cause there are just so many funny parts. He doesn't really like to read, so one of us needs to, for our children's sake :) I may just take the reading thing a little over the top though.


Monday, August 25, 2008


I've finally started reading Twilight. I was a little worried because of ALL the hype about it...but I'm pleasantly surprised by it. Go figure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boxes, boxes...BOXES!!

Andy and I have officially moved into our Home Sweet Home. I worked yesterday morning and was not able to help Andy move a lot of our things into our new place that day. As soon as I got off work, I shot up 8th south to our new place. Andy had not told me which building or parking lot he'd be in, so I spent about 10 minutes driving in circles looking for his dad's truck (he drove that most of the day to make larger trips between his parents and our house). Finally, I get a call from Andy asking if I was there yet. I explained to him, in a rather annoyed way, that I was in the complex, but I had no clue where to go and I couldn't find his car. This is when he decides to tell me he was not in the complex, hence the reason I could not find his car! So, I asked if he'd left the door unlocked to the house and he said no. Well, what am I supposed to do? You're not here. He said I could just wait in the car. Sounds fun right? I didn't think so either. So I went to Wendy's and got my darling husband a burger and some chicken nuggets. He was very grateful for the food. Once I was able to get into the house, I got to work. First thing I did...went to Walmart and bought some dish soap. Oh, and some hand soap, toilet paper and a shower rod for the bathroom. (side note, problem with being pregnant and getting larger, your bladder is almost ALWAYS full, so toilet paper is a necessity) Well, that took about an hour. About 40 minutes longer then I was planning. So when I got home Andy had finished unloading and was sitting eating his lunch. I started to open up boxes and wash dishes. Pots, Pans, Crock Pot, blender, casserole dishes. Everything. Then, I had to find places to put everything. Luckily, Andy thought ahead and we had already bought a stand to put our toaster oven on. We were able to fit our pressure cooker and all our cookie sheets in the cubbards. On the middle shelf I was able to put my cookbooks and measuring cups(one of them can hold about a gallon of whatever you need, it's HUGE) Then on the top we put our toaster oven and our fruit bowl. I will admit, we have put things in some odd places. We have our electric skillet under the sink(it was too big to try to manuver in the top cubbards, there is a bar in the middle of all of them.) Our spice rack is on top of our fridge. Our Kitchen Aid and Blender...well, they're going to go on the shelving unit we're buying tonight along with all our food. I have two top cubbards which are empty. They are too high for me. I was standing on a chair to put everything above the first self, and I felt like I was doing to fall putting thing up there cause I couldn't even reach them with the chair! One funny thing about having tall cubbards, our shower head is really low. I'm not extremely short, but I'm not tall either, and I still had to bend a little to get my hair completely washed. I think the builder got confused between the showers and the cubbards. Our bedroom is surprisingly larger then I was expecting. That was a nice surprise! We can fit our bed, dresser, two night stands and a lingerie dresser in our room and still have room for a cradle! The hard part is going to be putting the living room together. There is no real separation from the kitchen and the living room. When you walk in, it's pretty much one big room until you get to the bedroom. That will be hard to separate without making it look too aweful cluttered. Last night was just crazy! Andy's friends came to help move the heavy stuff, the sofa, dresser, more boxes, our 100 lbs. box of books. I was feeling very accomplished with myself until they got back. I had washed every dish that had been brought up to that point, found places for them, had ALL the boxes in some what of a pile, put our bathroom together with everything I had up to that point. I was feelin good. Then the boys got home. And they brought MORE boxes, plus the entertainment center, and the dresser, and the sofa, and more and more boxes. So, I stuck to what I could have control over without bursting into tears (side note 2: being pregnant can make one very emotional. I cried over a book yesterday, I hate crying) So, I finished getting the bathroom together. And put the drawers in the dresser. And washed the rest of the dishes that were brought. Then Andy left again. So, I went and bought a pizza (still no food in the house) and some rootbeer. And I was home just in time. Andy came in about 3 minutes after me. We pushed some boxes out of the way, got some glasses, ate our pizza, brushed our teeth. Looked at the mess and I joked that I was actually grateful that I have to work tomorrow and went to bed. It was by far one of the best days of my life :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Andy and I are movin out on Tuesday! Yaaahoo! We've been washing EVERYTHING! All our dishes, sheets, dish cloths. We're not going to have a dishwasher or washer and dryer. So I wanted to get MOST of the stuff cleaned so we can just put it away when we move in. I am really excited to use all of our great stuff we got when we were married! Like our amazing Kitchen Aid. Or our super cool quesadilla maker that I about peed my pants when I saw we got it! Or just our really amazing dishes and silverware. You know, our OWN bed, our own TV, our own couch! I just can't wait to use our things. And I'm so ready to live with just Andy and get to be a newly wed couple..(with a baby on the way already! hehe)...Don't get me wrong. I love Andy's parents! They are really really great! I mean, they let us live with them after we were married and had no place to go to yet. And on top of that, when I moved out here to Utah, they let me live with them. They've done so much for us and I am truly grateful, BUT I can't wait to buy our own food and use our own things and do things our way. No matter what, living there was not really our place. So, I am really excited to have our own place :) Like I said, we move in on Tuesday, but I have to work that morning. Lame huh? But I get the afternoon off, so Andy won't be putting TOO many things in the wrong spots! Our friends Ross and Gina, and Matt and Raquel are going to help us out! It's gonna be such a great help! Even though Andy is amazingly strong, I just don't think it's a good idea for him to be bringing a couch up stairs ;) I feel kinda bad because I'm pretty much gonna be able to take up the clothes and towels and that's about it. I can't do any heavy lifting, so I'll be spending most of my time putting things away!

I'll post pictures after we move in :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

East Coast sick....

Well, Andy has about a year and a half left of school and then it's off to Medical School for us. We want to go back East for that. The east coast schools are just more established then west coast schools. I will admit, I am extremely excited about going back east. I miss colors. Especially the color GREEN! I love living in Salt Lake City, I mean, it's much cleaner then any other city I've ever lived in, there is lots to do, but it's just...dusty. Haha, I know, I'm a big weirdy. But here are some pictures of where we are looking at going to Med School. It's in western Virginia. Not West Virginia, the western part of Virginia.

Here are some pictures!

Another thing I really, REALLY miss is going to the Gulf Coast! I absolutely miss the ocean! My family went to Deastin/Panama City Beach every year. I know, most of you are thinking, the same place every year...boring! It's actually not when your a beach rat like myself. I just loved going and playing in the water, volleyball, sea kyaking, diving for sand dollars, skim boarding, going out to eat at night and getting fresh catch sea food. It is just the best vacation ever. And it's really a vacation, you just go and relax! One of my favorite activities was going to Shell Island and collecting sea shells. I miss doing that too! I'm trying to convince Andy that once we can afford it, I want to get a condo or small beach house there, that way we have NO reason to not go! I'm sly huh?? I mean, How could he resist with the cool waves, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches??

Basically I'm saying, I want to be there, and soon!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Green Machine

Has anyone noticed the cost of food going UP?? One of those big bricks of cheese, you know, the 2 pounders(we eat a LOT of cheese around here) is 9 bucks? 9 stinkin bucks! That's sick. Bread is insanely ridiculous. And I've recently learned that even it contains high fructose corn syrup. With the costs of everything going up, people are going to be in even worse situations just to buy groceries. Well, I've come up with a solution. While I may not be able to fulfill it completely until Andy and I have a house, I can start when we move into our apartment. I thought at first of buying a cow. One to milk, that way I can have free milk, butter and cheese. Since I'm pretty certain anything larger then a small dog is NOT allowed in student housing, that will have to wait. But, you can rent garden spots in our court. You just sign up for them and tada! Fresh whatever you want. It's not very big, I'll probably just do some tomatoes, maybe some cucumbers and squash. We will no longer buy bread from the store. I'm going to make it. I'm going to talk Andy into buying a wheat grinder so we can make whole wheat bread and not just white bread. I know it's just small stuff right now, but one day, when we have our very own house, I'm having a BIG garden. And then it'll be ever better. It's just really depressing when you go to the store, just to buy the things you NEED and it's so dang expensive. We're all perfectly capable of at least growing our own veggies. Unless you live somewhere where the climate is no good. But seriously, I don't think anyone is happy about the cost of everything is rising. It's so not even cool.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our baby does Summer Saults!

Andy and I got to see our baby today! It was really really great! The little bugger is SO amazing active! Lil Fraser was doin summer saults all over the place :) Andy said he was just excited to have his picture taken. He was so cute! I just couldn't get over the goofy look on Andy's face! He was so over joyed! It was amazing! The doctor was saying he couldn't believe how much he was movie. He said "this is a hyperactive baby. We'll have to get him some hyperactive meds!!: I said "haha, ridalin for your fetus! haha Anywho...the little bugger was EVERYWHERE! I can't wait until I can actually FEEL the movement. Although, I'm sure I'll be wishing I couldn't feel it sometimes! We got a picture. The doc was having kind of a hard time seeing clearly because my bladder wasn't "full" PSHHH! I beg to differ about that statement! My bladder is ALWAYS full now. I go back in 5weeks. Then either a week or two weeks after that I have to go have the RH negative shot and some more blood work done. NOT excited. Oh well. It's all a good reason huh? Tonight Andy and I are watching his sisters kids. 5 girls and 2 boys...don't worry, they are 2 different sisters. Although it's split exactly that way. 5 girls to his sister Becky and 2 boys to his sister Cassie.

One good thing the doctor prescribed was back rubs, every night! Sweet deal huh?