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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

34 weeks? Or wait...35 weeks?

I had another doctor appointment today! I am 34 1/2 weeks, but I am measuring about a week ahead. Baby has dropped, so I can now breath. Thank goodness! So far, everything is still looking great! I see my doctor again in two weeks, then after that it's once a week until baby gets here! How crazy is that?! We are getting excited to meet Chase! Will carries around his stuffed animals calling them "baby". I think he'll be a great big brother! It will take some getting used to, for all of us, but I think we can handle it!

Will uses the potty like a pro now! It's so awesome! We've been going to the pool to keep cool and playing with friends a lot lately! I hope to be able to keep up play dates once Chase gets here, so Will doesn't feel like his whole entire world has just been flipped...cause that's exactly what's happening!

We're into week three of med school. Andy is so amazing! He leaves early every morning, any time between 630 and 730, depending on the day. He doesn't usually get home until between 7-9 every night. He works so hard! He's a studying machine! He's still getting A's on his tests, which makes all the time away from him worth it! Being a single Mom is hard, but I know Andy is working his butt off so we can one day have a good life and he can help others! He's going to make a great doctor! We found out our rotation site is Tucson. We're not too thrilled about that. It means we would have to move to Tucson during his 3rd and 4th years. Hopefully he can switch with someone who has a rotation site here in the "valley" (it's a HUGE valley...we still haven't figured out WHY they actually call it a valley...) It would be nice not to have to move again in two years...then again two years after that to do a residency! We are so proud of Andy and enjoy every minute we do get to spend with him!

That's a current update to all you "readers" out there. I don't even know how many people read this thing, but I don't care. I like to go back and read things that happened a year and two years ago!

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Becky said...

I'm sorry I don't get on here as much as I would like! I love your updates!I am so excited that you are doing so well! Love you lots!