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Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 weeks + a little piece of my mind

Yesterday was a busy day! This is Andy's last week before school "starts". Really, they should just say it starts the week before it actually does. The first year students have orientations everyday, all day Tuesday-Friday. So, it's been my first week in about two months that it's just me and Will. I didn't realize he had orientations all week, when he woke up early yesterday morning and got ready to head out. I was pretty stressed out when I realized I had laundry, dirty dishes, a doctors' appointment, grocery shopping and a significant others' orientation at Andy's school...and I was going to be doing all these things by my large self! I was definitely spoiled having Andy here these last couple months. Since my stress wouldn't let me sleep, I decided to go ahead and get up, even though Will was still zonked out. I showered and got ready for the day, as well as got a couple loads of laundry started, and was working on my menu/grocery list when my little ball of sunshine woke up with a smile on his face because Mommny was right outside his door! We have Netflix now and Will had discovered "The Backyardigans". He loves the show! I put that on for him and got him some breakfast, finished my menu and list.

Then, it was time to get Will dressed and head to the doctors office. My office has a huge fish tank that Will just loved looking at. There is one fish in the tank that has a bumpy face and Will asked "Owie?" It was pretty darn cute. I was so impressed at how well Will behaved and listened at the office and during my appointment with my doctor. He was a little freaked out when I sat on the table and he was on the floor. My doctor had me scoot over and put him beside me while he checked everything. Will was fascinated with hearing the heart beat! My doctor says I am measuring right on track. Baby is head down still, so that is great news! The best news is that I only have FOUR more shots to go! He says I can be done with my shots at 35 weeks! I am so excited! My poor bum is pitiful looking and the shots hurt like a mother!

After going to the doctors' office, I had to go to the grocery store. I shop at two different stores, and I like to go as early in the day as possible. Otherwise, it's too hot and things start to go bad. It was already about 1045, so I decided to just go. Will was being great! We went to our first store and he was doing a great job. He doesn't usually like to sit in the cart, and he was being a great listener and helping me put groceries in the cart. We then went to our second store. I was nervous about this one because he usually acts up more in this store. He was great though! He sat in the cart most of the time and when he wasn't, he was standing right along side me. I hate check-out lines because they put all the candy right in a little kids face. I picked a line and Will brought me a bag of candy, which I told him he could not have, I would give him a treat at home. He yelled at me, and I bent down and was telling him we don't yell at Mommy or in the store. I happened to glace at the cashier, who gave us this annoyed look and then said to the current guest she was checking out "Oh, the melodious sound of children!" Very sarcastically. I could not believe this lady had just said that, to another guest! I was so upset, I got my cart and moved to the next open line. I have read a lot about this whole "kid-free" movement, where people who don't have kids are basically annoyed with people who do have children. It upsets me that because some people do not care how their children act in public, these people want all kids to not be allowed places. These include restaurants, stores and people are even trying to get kid-free flights. (Sorry, but I paid the same amount of money that you did for this flight. In fact, I paid more because I had to buy my TWO year old a seat!) These are people who are either empty-nesters or don't have children of their own. I can totally respect the annoyances of children (Obviously, I HAVE ONE!). I don't like it when parents just let their kids run wild. But, I am trying to teach my child how to behave and use his manners. He's a KID, he's going to act out sometimes. And I am NOT going to take my child to the parking lot and beat his bum. I was so upset when I got home, I got Will some lunch ready and wrote a letter to my local store about my disappointment. Andy walked in the door about that time, and I started telling him what happened. I burst into tears! Will had done SO well the entire day of errands! I had done so well during all the errands. I did not appreciate being treated like one of those parents who doesn't care! I did not appreciate having a cashier speak to ANOTHER guest about me. If you have a problem with the way a child is acting, SPEAK TO THEIR PARENT. And I really did not appreciate the way my child was spoken about by perfect strangers. I hope my letter does some good. It at least made me feel better in the end. Even though I totally broke down when Andy came home. I didn't realize how hurtful it really was to be treated that way.

Anyways, that's my rant and rave...sorry it's so long! If you have made it this far, you should probably earn a prize! So, here's a hug to you from me! Thanks for listening!


Sass said...

awwww....thanks for the hug! :P

I hate when people are rude!! Sorry!


I think you really did the right thing by moving to the next line and writing a letter. Next time ask the clerk what there name is and go straight to their manager or write their specific name in the letter. GO YOU!

Steve and Larae said...

So...what's my prize? Ha ha jk. And I'm sure your bum is still cute. ;)
People like that drive me crazy! I'm so glad you sent the store a piece of your mind!