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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Go into labor anytime now, and we don't care!"

That's what my doctor said to me at my appointment yesterday! You've made it this far, any time after this is just icing on the cake. If this was my pregnancy with Will, I would have had a baby this past weekend! Thankfully, I did not! I am dilated two centimeters and about 60 % effaced. Who knows what that means right now, anyways, right? I could be dilated two centimeters for the next 3 weeks! Things have been going really great! My Grandma spent the week here with us last week. I just love having her here! She is amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better Grandma. We spent time visiting and going to the Zoo. She also took me shopping to get a few post-baby outfits that don't look like "fat clothes". We also got some things for Andy, Chase and Will. Now that she is gone, I am trying to get everything ready for Chase to be here! I am nearly finished washing baby clothes, baby blankets, baby sheets, Will things and anything else I see that might need washing! We're really excited for Chase to be here! I still can't believe we're going to be a family of FOUR! It has not fully hit me...at all. We moved Will's car seat over and are going to get the infant seat out soon. I picked up a friend and her son (who is best buds with Will. They ask to play together...everyday!) from the car shop. We had both of their car seats in the back. Every time I looked back there, I had a glimpse of what my life is to become. I am aware of how incredibly hard it is going to be to have two kids...but I don't think I am understanding it. I just hope that I can get Will to the potty and not interrupt Chase nursing at the same time! I hope I can get dinner on the table most nights and help my husband with the things he can't do because he's busy learning all he can at school. I see lots of positives from this blessing we're about to receive, but I have a secret wish...that I'll be busy enough and moving enough to loose all this baby weight...fast! But, shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that!

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YAHOO, baby Chase, we can't wait to see the little guy. I was walking at the park today and feeling lonely. I was thinking, I would really love Mycah to be walking with me right now.