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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A month later...

I can't believe my little Chaser Mac is a MONTH old already! Where on earth has the time gone? We have had lots of help for the past month. The Sunday after Chase was born, my Grandpa arrived here in Arizona to help us out. It turned out to be a good thing he was here because we ended up in the ER with Chase for his jaundice. We spent two days back at the hospital while Grandpa hung out here with Will. After my Grandpa left, my Mom arrived. It was fun to have her here and for all her help. We went to the park and bought Will a tricycle! Andy had his white coat ceremony at school on October 21st. Andy's parents came down to be here for that, as well as to help out and visit Will and Chase. Everyone just left on Wednesday, and I have been adjusting to taking care of the little ones on my own. It involves a lot of tv (luckily, we have a patio. So, I can send Will "outside" without having to actually go out there myself. Even though I LOVE being outside. It's hard when one is nursing.) and Will had to learn to wipe his own bum (finally!). The dishes also don't always get done and we had grilled cheese for dinner last night and tonight...Will just ate about a kajillion crackers.

The adjustment has been going well. Chase and I had some MAJOR nursing issues in the beginning. It involved a lot of crying, mostly on my part, a phone call to the Breastfeeding hotline at 9pm and another phone call to my sister in law Becky, where I had a complete melt down and everything just started working again. Will is loving being a big "brudder". He's really just too darn sweet! He plays this little piggy with Chaser's toes while I nurse. He is always trying to get Chase to laugh. It's really the most amazing thing to see my boys. Seeing Will be so loving and concerned with Chase just melts my heart. Chase started out sleeping pretty amazingly...but the past few nights, he's been waking up about every 2-3 hours. It's taking it's toll on the old Moms over here. We'll work it out though. He's got a little while longer still to be in our room, then it's off to share a room with Will. Oh goodness, am I nervous about it! We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

In the next few weeks, we'll be missing Andy, as he has finals. That means he is going to have to STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! But, once finals are over, we get to have TWO uninterrupted weeks with him for fall break! We'll spend the first week here in Arizona, but then we'll drive up to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with family! We're excited for the next few weeks to go by so we can spend some time together!

Welp, that's our update. I'll post some pictures later...probably. hahaha

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I am glad to hear that you had so much help over the last month. I wish I were there to help take Will for a bit for you. You are such a good little mommie, keep your head up and one day you will get a full (5hr) nights sleep. xoxox