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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yellowstone 2010

Aren't we cute?
This past Labor Day, we were able to go to Yellowstone National Park. I have never been there and Andy hasn't been in at least 10 years. It was on our list of places to go camping. I think it was a great last camping trip of the year. We drove up Friday afternoon when Andy got off work. The drive wasn't bad, but it was about 430 before we got out, so we didn't get there until around 930. Luckily, we were meeting Andy's sister Nikki and her family. They already had the camper set up! We didn't realize, because the advertising for Brandin Iron Inn is false, that our "camp site" was just a gravel section in a motel parking lot! Thank goodness Ches and Nikki love us and let us sleep in their camper instead of having to sleep in the truck tent. It was COLD! Saturday, we woke up bright and early (ok, we really slept in until about 8) and made some Mountain Man breakfast. Yummmm! Then, we headed to the park. We went to West Yellowstone and headed up through the park until we made it to Mammoth Falls. We saw lots of buffalo and elk. No bears. We really wanted to see some bears too :) After lunch, we went to Mammoth Falls. It's pretty dried up now. There aren't as many falls as there used to be. There is a little town there in Mammoth. When I say little, I mean there is a general store and about three houses. We used the restrooms, went to get back into our car, turned the key...and nothing. The car would not start! We tried jumping it and still...nada! We ended up having to call a tow truck to come pick us up! SO NOT COOL! after waiting for a good hour, a two and 1/2 hour to drive out of the park and 500 dollars later, we made it to a mechanic near our camp site. The mechanic said he would try to come in on Sunday to check it out...he didn't make it. Andy took our battery to Napa Auto and they tested it. They said it was fine. They took the battery back to the car, started it up...and viola! It started! We didn't want to push it. Sunday we rode around with Nikki and Ches. Went to see Old Faithful and then tried the car again. It started again! We drove to Idaho Falls to have it looked at. Came home early on Monday morning and haven't had a car since Wednesday because it has been in the shop! I just kept thinking "You have got to be kidding me. This is a joke! Do I have Griswold written on my forehead?" I was trying really hard to keep it together. Andy and I said a quick prayer to Heavenly Father that after we did all we could, we could have the faith for him to take care of the rest. I can say, prayers are answered! It was such a fun trip, with some crazy stories we'll be able to tell to our kids, and every time we go to Mammoth Falls, we'll remember to pray that our car doesn't break down!

This is us at the Madison River.

Here is Will at our earlier camping trip to Bear Lake. He liked the water, but it was freezing!

And here is Will, being cute with Daddy's hat!